Life is precious!

Hey everyone… apologies for the silence. Our traffic coordinator at work is on leave and things have been manic! Also my sweet baby has now morphed into an extremely independent little headstrong man and trying to keep up with him is something else. I’ve also been feeling EXTREMELY sorry for myself as I was packing away the final bits of baby stuff after my husband very firmly told me that trying to squeeze our son into his cute baby things makes him look like an overstuffed sausage(not cute like I thought) and that it’s utterly ridiculous to try to hold onto the baby days by still dressing him in his cute (but too small) jumpers and babygrows! I’ve had to let go of my soppy side and be reasonable. I finally went out and bought “little man” clothes but I was crying inside. And as I dress him nowadays and see the transformation from soft Shoos to hard Walkmates, from brushed cotton babygrows to denims and cords and from blankies and shawls to hooded tops, I just want to crawl back into last year when I had this cute and cuddly baby! Not that I am not enjoying my little man, it’s just that this drama mama can already ‘see’ him on his first day at school, his teen years, dropping him at varsity, and finally and heartbreakingly on his WEDDING DAY when some tart (apologies to the sweet little girl, and her parents, who will one day end up marrying my son… I don’t care how sweet you are and how gorgeous you are… I DO NOT LIKE YOU!) will be ripping my heart out by becoming my little man’s No 1 lady and replace me – boo hoo hoo! So bear with me while I mourn and rejoice at the same time because we can leave him to do his own thing more often now – he is able to entertain himself and we can get on with other things.
On a more serious note, on Sunday eve a drunken a**hole bumped into us. We were approaching a set of traffic lights and my husband started reducing speed as the lights were changing. I was sitting in the back next to Thomas in his car seat and when I heard the brakes I turned back and looked straight into this guy’s eyes – he was so close! I screamed out of fright and told my husband what was happening. He tried to get as much distance between us and the drunken guy. I was watching him weave in and out of lanes and his head was actually nodding like someone falling asleep! We got to the lights and after coming to a full halt, I told my husband to get as much distance between us and this guy when the lights changed and maybe stop at a safe place to call the cops. While I was still talking, we heard a THUD and he was on top of us. We were just a bit shaken and not injured but it could’ve been MUCH worse. Guys, please always buckle up and always strap kiddies into their chairs – no matter what. My son knows the rules – the car does not move unless he’s strapped in.

Easter morning – yummy bunnies!


4 thoughts on “Life is precious!

  1. deblet

    Yikes they do grow to fast my ‘babies’ are 14,10 and 4.Scary guy riding into you guys like that,I am also paranoid about seat belts and car seats

  2. CelticMom

    ooooh, that sounded scary, and anticipating the crash is worse, because you tense your muscles and then have a greater chance of imjury. I like your taste in easter eggs, those look like lindt bunnies. My son would have loved those, he looks longingly at them in the supermarket 🙂 And I am not sure how old you son is, but woolies do babygrows (sleepsuits) up to the age of 2, so you can still have your baby at night 🙂

  3. rochelle.barrish

    You know my back has had a bit of a ‘niggle’ since but I have made apptmnt with Chiro. Yup, bought some Woolies babygrows and am only allowed to dress him in it at night – husband’s instructions! 🙂


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