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ANGRY baby.

The vitamin B6 tabs I’m using seems to be doing the trick… My boobs are definitely feeling empty… and Thomas is NOT impressed. Seriouuuusly not impressed. I was smacked with a remote last night because he couldn’t get anything out of me and he woke up in a filthy mood this morning!! It was quite a shock to see my usually easy-going child morph into this ANGRY beastly creature. Not a pretty sight. The poor bottles are being flung across the room with the contempt he thinks they deserve and he screams in frustration! I’m hoping he GETS that I’m empty and that his bottle is full soon! Would make things so much more pleasant in homeville.

My ups and downs:

1) It’s my birthday week and I’ve had a blast!
2) Two of my closest friends from school have booked flights back hom for June and July so we’ll have a reunion! YAY!

1) I’ve been very weepy and emotional because of the whole weaning thing. Feeling like I’m really losing my ‘baby’ and getting a little man instead.
2) I drank far too much last night and am phuza-faced today.


He’s a boob man…

I made a unilateral decision last night to categorically stop breastfeeding! (hahahaha – remember ole Pik Botha – every speech of his always had a categorical and unilateral in it!) So sprog (16 months) had a bottle of Horlicks just before 8 pm and we read and chatted until 8:30. Then the fun started! He fell asleep and just as I thought, this would be easy, he woke up an hour later and SEARCHED for his booby. Now this is not the first time I tried this weaning thing before but always wussed out as he was always teething. After this latest bout of teeth I am going to HAVE to let go because before he had a mouth full of teeth, my nipple had safe spots where it could go in his mouth and not be shredded… Those safe spots have now been replaced by MOLARS, PREMOLARS and INCISORS! Not safe for an already battered and bruised nipple!
I was prepared for him though – wore an extra tight bra – not a feeding one (yup it was uncomfortable) and a tight-ish top – with no room for little arm-ies to creep up into! Suffice to say he woke up A LOT and he found it alarmingly easy to get to my boob – while I was dosing… I finally capitulated at 6 this morning as my boobs were BIG and SORE. Went to the pharmacy on this morning and got something. Hold thumbs!
* I went to the pharmacy and this sweet little blond thing asked me if he could help… I looked to see if there were any women about and the only other woman was busy with a customer – decided to just take the plunge. Told sweet little blond thing that I wanted to stop breastfeeding and he went as red as a beet and went off to consult an older colleague. whahahahahaaha! love the freedom to say and do whatever you like that comes with being a lactating mommy!  

Revenge of the parents…

My son’s personality is developing at an alarming rate. If you read all the baby books, you’re told all about the sweet little personality that’s going to develop and how you’re supposed to nurture it and enjoy the ride. Gmpffff. My son has inherited all my really BAD personality traits and seeing them reflected in this little person is NOT sweet and does not make me want to nurture and enjoy it. Chatted to my dad the other day about his grandson’s tantrums and I swear my dad got this silly, almost gleeful grin on his face and I’m sure I heard a chuckle! I took him on about the chuckle I thought I heard and he coughed and spluttered as he tried to suppress a full-blown guffaw! He then admitted that as MY father, MY DAD! He pretended that his Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bushes needed some attention and as he was walking towards them I’m sure I saw his shoulders convulse with laughter! Seriously?!

Ooh, Ooh – I’m going to start doing the ups and downs thing!

1) I have a loving husband and mostly gorgeous son
2) I love my job!

1) The two angel-pies that fell out of their Daddy’s car… utterly devastating… so sad.
2) The Salt portion of my Salt ‘n Pepper hair is overtaking the Pepper portion!

B#%#^%# Breeders!

Before I married and had my son, I was rather intolerant of screaming kids. I could handle screaming kids anywhere except while I was shopping! Shopping was and still is a HUGE headache for me… hate it, hate it, hate it! And because I’m already in a bad mood, someone’s screaming kid always drove me nuts and my usual refrain was Bleeding Breeders! Can they not CONTROL THAT? Well last night, I was a Bleeding Breeder! Went to PnP after work and my son was NOT in the mood. I was slightly embarrassed at first but dear readers… It’s amazing how quickly that embarrassment switched to full-blown defiance. I felt like one of the freedom fighters of old facing off against the apartheid police! I dared ANYONE, especially intolerant singletons to take me on about my screaming child. The cupboards were bare and I needed to shop! The poor staff who were all just minding their own little packing-the-shelf-or-rearranging-the-meat-business were all cringing everytime our trolley came down their aisle.
I was determined to not be held ransom by an 83cm tall demon who wanted to get out and run around the shop instead of sitting in the trolley snacking on his biltong! I sent a silent apology to all the BB’s I ever cursed in my life and an apology to any singletons who dropped their baskets of food in terror when they heard us.
I hang my head in shame when I think back to what I used to call ‘these people!’


 Anybody get a private message from ‘precious’? Been bugging me for pics???? I was so ticked off I deleted the mails on Friday but just remembered it now.
Makes me think twice of posting pics of my little one now! don’t want some sicko perv drooling over my son… the world has some sad people in it… 

Mother’s Day!@$%#^$

Used to hate this day as a kid growing up without a mom. Used to absolutely hate my friends and their mom’s getting all gooey and nicey and lovey! When I fell pregnant I knew that I would have to face my MD demons. Was able to ignore last year as T was only 4 mths old then. This year I woke up to a sweet little toddler toddling into my room with an A4 page of his latest fingerpainting session on it and the words Happy Mom’s Day squished in somewhere. My heart melted and I think MD is not too bad. Just no crappy commercial teddies and mugs and stuff. Kiddie artwork and pretty flowers from your garden is just gorgeous! 

Bottoms up!

My sweet 16-month-old’s mouth has erupted into red, angry gums and bits of protruding teeth! On Wednesday after being awake for 72 hours with probably abour 10 hours sleep… I was on my last remaining nerve and asked a colleague for ANY advice – she had one word for me SUPPOSITORIES. I was horrified of doing THAT to my sweet little baby but the thought of not being able to sleep again outweighed the EUW factor. Suffice to say – we’ve been torpedo -ing T since Wednesday eve and all is well in our house! Have a great weekend!