He’s a boob man…

I made a unilateral decision last night to categorically stop breastfeeding! (hahahaha – remember ole Pik Botha – every speech of his always had a categorical and unilateral in it!) So sprog (16 months) had a bottle of Horlicks just before 8 pm and we read and chatted until 8:30. Then the fun started! He fell asleep and just as I thought, this would be easy, he woke up an hour later and SEARCHED for his booby. Now this is not the first time I tried this weaning thing before but always wussed out as he was always teething. After this latest bout of teeth I am going to HAVE to let go because before he had a mouth full of teeth, my nipple had safe spots where it could go in his mouth and not be shredded… Those safe spots have now been replaced by MOLARS, PREMOLARS and INCISORS! Not safe for an already battered and bruised nipple!
I was prepared for him though – wore an extra tight bra – not a feeding one (yup it was uncomfortable) and a tight-ish top – with no room for little arm-ies to creep up into! Suffice to say he woke up A LOT and he found it alarmingly easy to get to my boob – while I was dosing… I finally capitulated at 6 this morning as my boobs were BIG and SORE. Went to the pharmacy on this morning and got something. Hold thumbs!
* I went to the pharmacy and this sweet little blond thing asked me if he could help… I looked to see if there were any women about and the only other woman was busy with a customer – decided to just take the plunge. Told sweet little blond thing that I wanted to stop breastfeeding and he went as red as a beet and went off to consult an older colleague. whahahahahaaha! love the freedom to say and do whatever you like that comes with being a lactating mommy!  


7 thoughts on “He’s a boob man…

  1. parent24ed

    Good luck, it will only take a day or two if you are strict with yourself and him. It is so nice to have one’s boobs back, I promise.

  2. deblet

    LOL I also stopped breast feeding when mine took their 1st bite of the boob.Nice one embarrassing the blonde dude…love these tricky situations

  3. ludditelass

    Good luck with stopping breastfeeding. When mine got teeth I told him that if he bit me he would have no more. Every one laughed at me talking to a baby like that but he understood and didn’t bite me ever (and only finally stopped feeding at 3 1/2!)

  4. chanua

    I use to rub bitter herbs on them but my kids just politely sucked that off and carried on as if nothing happened. It took a while. Funny pharmacy story lol


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