Monthly Archives: June 2009

Pricey foundation?

I’ve been chatting to moms at the office about nursery schools and my take is that kids absorb and learn the most in this foundation phase so it pays to send them to a good nursery school that stimulates and educates as opposed to just watching them and making sure they don’t kill themselves. Have heard horror stories of kiddies watching cartoons all day at creche. I was surprised to find that the people I spoke to said they’re not spending too much on their children’s nursery school but will rather send them to a good junior school and someone even said high school (gulp!) Am I wrong in thinking that these years are the most important and that they’ll learn the most now? The feeling I got was that people were hoping to have money to send their kids to private schools later and for now let them just go to the cheapest daycare they can find as it’s not that important.


PMS and Chickening out

My period returned this weekend. Yay. After 27 months of not having a period, it was a shocker and most certainly not welcome. I was as miserable as sin and I think the boys were VERY happy to see the back of me this morning. Was screeching and bitching like a fishwife. Oh dear – welcome back to womanhood for me. 
I also chickened out of sending T to nursery school – just not ready for it. Am giving myself one more month to get used to it and def sending him in August. He’ll be with MIL for this month – hope Deblet forgives me for doing the granny-nanny thing BUT she is a very young 64 and she was sad and disappointed when she heard we’re sending him to nursery school as she thought she’d have him until he’s 2 as most schools take them from the age of 2 only. Won’t be able to do the ‘until he’s 2’ thing though as he really enjoys being with other kids. Granny can fetch him early if she misses him too much – right?

Date night and ups and downs!

 After 17, 5 months of just Thomas-ing husband and I decided it’s time for US. So we arranged with his folks to take care of the beast and we’ll go on a date. Husband sent me naughty SMSes and e-mails all day long and those butterflies I had in my tummy while we were courting came rushing back! WOW – ek’t soos ‘n bakvissie tekere gegaan! 🙂 Husband picked me up from work and we went to the restaurant. As I got to the car, he jumped out with a bunch of roses and a huge smile on his face! He even opened the door for me — felt soo special. Date night was great and we managed to talk about things other than Thomas. Was great considering that it was the first time we did it. I think we did well. I must admit after dessert I started thinking about T but MIL knows me well and she sent me an SMS to say T is fast asleep and not to hurry back. We’ve agreed to date night once a month from now on.

1) Am so in love with my husband
2) It’s weekend

1) Thomas is supposed to start nursery school next week and I’m stressing
2) I still don’t fit into my pre-Thomas clothes

1) More date nights
2) Seeing Thomas interact with other kiddies at nursery school

Have a great weekend!

Bybie ken’t you stop de rain?

Was serenaded awake this morning by a bergie singing ‘uit volle bors’. This is what I heard and I know the words as it’s one of those songs radio stations played to death. Bybie ken’t you stop de rain from falling/Won’t you tjys my clouds away/ I’d give anyting to see de sun agen/Only you ken stop dese tears from falling/I ken’t face anuder day/Byyyyyyyyybie ken’t you stooooooooooop de rain. Whahahaaha. I rolled out of bed screeching with laughter – tried to take a pic of him but he didn’t want to. Said he’s wearing his ‘werks klere’ – I can take a photo when he’s wearing his ‘kerk klere’.
It’s bin day in our neck of the woods so he was rummaging through our bin and singing while he did. I don’t know how he managed though because T’s stewing nappies in there makes me gag everytime I open the bin just to drop a bag into it!

Bad Mommy! Bad Thomas!

Oh dear – we forgot all about Father’s day!!! We decided to postpone our Father’s day gig until next weekend because I forgot to book the place timeously. So in my mind FD is next week, which is cool – but you know… we were still supposed to get him gifts and treat him. Husband got out of bed and made beakfast and all sorts of things because T and I were still playing in bed. At about 12h45 … sweet, dear husband said ” Oh well, it’s clear you guys have forgotten! Happy Father’s Day to me!” Ooooops! I felt sooooo bad. Cannot believe I forgot! BUT! I have spent the weekend trying to intercept poo’s and wee’s so I think I can maybe , just maybe be forgiven??? Don’t worry – we have been making up ever since and we have an action-packed weekend lined up for Daddy!

Friday ups, downs…

1) Thomas made his first number two in his potty!
2) Have a baking date with a friend’s mom tomorrow!

1) Thomas starting creche in July or maybe August… not sure my NERVE can cope with strangers taking care of my pudding
2) A step-cousin had heart failure and died on Wednesday. Just so sad for her kiddies.

1) Going for high tea at the Nellie next week.
2) Husband starting fulltime work and maybe getting a bigger car