Just finished reading Sam Wilson’s newsletter – she talks about women and the word FINE. I am not a FINE person. My sulky word is NO. So a typical sulky conversation will go like this:
Him: can I get you a cup of tea
Me: NO
H: should I open some wine?
H: You want to go out somewhere?
H: what do you feel like doing?
H: will you let me know when you know what you want?
He then usually walks off to watch tv or do some surfing of the net and I sulk and feel VERY sorry for myself. The next time he comes through to where I’m sulking I’ll either screech: I WANTED YOU TO DO THE DISHES! or I WANTED YOU TO CLEAN THE BATH SO I CAN HAVE A BATH! or something that he had not done that I wanted him to do and he’d be all injured because I shouted like a fishwife and we don’t really do shouting in our home and I’ll feel lower than a piece of discarded gum on the pavement and will apologise and sometimes cry.
What’s your sulky word?


20 thoughts on “FINE!

  1. michelle.hufkie

    LOL!! I was reading the newsletter too!My words are, whatever, I don’t know and if you want to…

  2. parent24ed

    I am a whatever girl. ‘Well, whatever then…’ Very passive aggressive with a hint of aggressive.

  3. rebeccav

    I do ‘OK’. Or ‘NO’. I’m not allowed to use ‘whatever’ as hubby says it’s the same as telling him to fark off 🙂

  4. shazdart

    Don’t have the luxury of sulking, 9 year olds don’t react to it!!!Brain dead ex husband, was so up his own behind that he never noticed when I did sulk, so it was a bit pointless and I ended up feeling miserable.

  5. rochelle.barrish

    With you on the brain dead ex. My ex boyfriend was like that… Chris Rock says that if you haven’t ever contemplated murder, you’ve not been in love. Ohhh how I contemplated murdering my ex!!! HE was so up his own arse… dunno how and more importantly WHY I stuck around…

  6. crey

    Mine is “O”. He hates it. But I am not sulking alot. I cannot afford to. He gives me silent treatment when I am sulking. According to him I musn’t sulk, I must come to him and tell him what is wrong because men cannot take a hint, they need direct instructions. So, I instruct him in a direct and very clear way. Then he does the sulking 🙂

  7. rochelle.barrish

    We know men aren’t good with hints but I hate having to ask him to do things and remind him to do things – it feels like nagging and I don’t want to be a nag – sulking works like a charm. He immediately knows I am NOT A HAPPY PUPPY and the twenty questions then start. tee hee hee! Childish, I know – but fun!

  8. deblet

    Mine is Hubbie doesn’t raise his voice or argue very often and when I rant and rave he says “Are you done,glad you got that off your chest” ARGGGGGH enough to get me started all over again

  9. rochelle.barrish

    Ooh that’s infuriating! Mine usually tells me afterwards that he’s glad to have his wife back and playfully checks to see if I have any ‘abduction’ marks! Reckons only an alien abduction can explain my behaviour when I’m like that.:-)


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