Bad Mommy! Bad Thomas!

Oh dear – we forgot all about Father’s day!!! We decided to postpone our Father’s day gig until next weekend because I forgot to book the place timeously. So in my mind FD is next week, which is cool – but you know… we were still supposed to get him gifts and treat him. Husband got out of bed and made beakfast and all sorts of things because T and I were still playing in bed. At about 12h45 … sweet, dear husband said ” Oh well, it’s clear you guys have forgotten! Happy Father’s Day to me!” Ooooops! I felt sooooo bad. Cannot believe I forgot! BUT! I have spent the weekend trying to intercept poo’s and wee’s so I think I can maybe , just maybe be forgiven??? Don’t worry – we have been making up ever since and we have an action-packed weekend lined up for Daddy!


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