Hic, shhh, tee hee hee!

Our pictures ed went for lunch with one of our suppliers yesterday and it being a beautiful day and all, they had a few glasses of wine. The rest of us who stayed behind then teased her when she got back – telling her that she reeked of alcohol. Made me think back to my ex boss’ divorce.

On the day that her divorce was finalised, a bunch of us went to celebrate at the local down the road. Those of us who worked for her were obviously not worried about coming back to the offish because we had our bosslady with us but there were others from other divisions who were supposed to be out for their lunch hour only. Anyhoo things got completely out of hand as we drank and did some manbashing for about five hours. We were all horribly drunk and husbands, boyfriends, friends, flatmates and parents had to be called to fetch. Two of the really drunk ones had to go back to the office and pretend to have been there all day and hope that their boss had not noticed that they were away and that they were now totally pissed.

This is what happened: They had to pass their boss’ office to get to their section. So firstly, they get out of the lift and “shh, shh’ each other. Then there’s the hiccups and giggles! Then B tells P that she thinks if they leopard crawl past Boss’ office they’re home free. So more Shhh, shhh, hic,hic and giggles. They finally manage to stop the giggles but still shh shhusing. So they did the drunken leopard crawl as the bottom of Boss’ office is board and the glass starts at about 1,5 m from the floor. Funny thing is boss wasn’t in her office – she was in a meeting but everyone else on the floor watched this spectacle and as it was before the cellphones with camera era, there were unfortunately no camera footage but ask anyone who was there today and they’d be able to tell you in great detail about B and P’s drunken leopard crawl with hics, giggles and shh shh!

The party girl was driven home by one of the more soberer of us and her poor son and new boyfriend had to deal with the newly divorced passed out party girl. Poor new bf wanted to take her out for sups that night and had booked table and alles. He was sitting in her lounge in a tux when she was bundled out of her car!

Isn’t it funny how when we’ve had a few glasses during lunch and have to return to work, how super efficient we become and how we shh shh each other to not let on that we’re a bit tipsy!


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