1. When last did you check your bank balance?

On Wednesday when I last made a withdrawal.

2. Do you know for a fact that you don’t spend more than you earn every month?

With Adele here, what I earn, I spend.

 3. Do you ‘run out’ of money every month? If, so… on what day?

Every month. The last week is always the turn every cent around week.

 4. Does ‘run out’ mean… ‘run out of money’ or ‘run out of credit’ to you?

Run out of money. 

 5. How much of your income do you save each month?


 6. Is there one ‘cash sink hole’ in your life?


7. Does your attitude towards money cause stress in your relationships?


8. If you get a bonus, what do you use it for?

Pay off bills and splurge with the rest.

 9. When paying for something, I generally…

Use my Debit card.

10. Do you pay your credit card off in full each month?

No, but I pay more than the minimum.


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