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Ups, UPs, UPS!

Today is my last day in the office. I will be on leave for TEN 10 teN Ten tEN glorious days! I intend to sleep Sleep sLeep slEep sleEp sleeP and READ!

I cannot think of any downs – maybe the threat of bedsores? but I’ll ask the maid to turn me whenever she’s around.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chat to you in October.


Celeb crushes (as per Cams)

Childhood crush: McGyver

Teen crushes: Andre Agassi, Bon Jovi, Bono, Cat Stevens,

Adult crushes: Jason Bourne (not Matt Damon – just his Bourne character), Jack Bauer, Denzel Washington.

Totally shag-able: Mc Steamy, Denny in Greys, Denny Crane, Mr Big in Sex and the City, Linc and Abruzzi in Prison Break and Hugh Laurie in House.

Celebs I’d like to have dinner with: James May of TopGear, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, James Spader, Chris Rock (I’m sure I’d be able to shed about 50 kg with all the laughing that will be happening!)

Cliff, Shag or Marry?

Sam Wilson’s letter today is all about who YOU would do. You guys remember this game? Used to play it lots with my gal pals when I was single. So the deal is someone names a guy someone you know, a celeb, anyone and you have to say if you’ll cliff them (throw off a cliff), shag them (self explanatory) or marry them!

I remember lots of raucous evenings playing this game! Wow – it feels like a zillion years ago. And Adele, I’m with Spammy —  I would so shag Denny Crane (William Shatner)!


This is what I used to call baboons and monkeys as a child. Couldn’t/wouldn’t distinguish between the two and decided to just have a combined name. I’ve had lots of close encounters with Bobbe-ape as you do if you live in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

On Saturday we were with friends in Glencairn and we had a ‘visit’ from one troop. We had a picnic/braai in the garden and the babies were running about, Mommies were sipping wine and pretending to make salads and the Daddies were doing the alpha male thing and braaiing.

There’s apparently one bolshy male that just won’t be chased away. They came through and the Daddies got rid of most of them except said Bolshy. The Mommies were starting to freak out because precious babies were about and have you seen a fully grown Bobbe-aap’s fangs recently? They’re huge!

SO while all the other Mommies stood frozen on the spot with their babies and the Daddies were caucusing as to how to take out Bolshy – this Mamma Bear showed Bolshy Bobbe-aap exactly who the Alpha Mommy is. I charged and made a sound I think I last heard in the labour ward and Bolshy literally ran with his tail between his legs!

Anybody need help with a Bobbe-aap problem? Call me for a humane (some would argue the sound coming from me was not human) solution to your Bobbe-aap problem!

I feel cheated sometimes…

Just read an article by Sister Lilian on Parent24 re C-sections. Everytime I read an article about the Natural vs C-section debate, I feel sad. I SOOOO wanted to give birth naturally with a lot of pain relief of course, but I wanted to experience the primal ritual of pushing a new life into this world via your vajayjay. And even though I know that I really tried and that I could probably have gone a bit longer than the 17 hours I did and maybe Thomas would have finally decided to ‘engage’ I’m not sure it would’ve been a pleasant experience though. What if I endangered our lives by sticking to my guns, etc. Very rational. But then there’s the other bit that knows I’m not having another child and feels cheated and useless and like a complete and utter failure for ‘copping out’. I sometimes go to a really dark place about it and actually feel robbed and way sad. My funny side tells me that this is all because Thomas mostly sleeps through at night now (Yay for playschool and all the things they do that makes him pass out at 7 pm!!) and I have more time on my hands to think about crap like this. Anyone feel/felt that way?

My babies before Thomas . . .

Just thought I’d brag about my books – seeing that a few of you commented about it yesterday. Books are my Manolo Blahniks, my Jimmy Choos (seeing as how no matter how rich I were, I could never pull off THOSE heels with THIS body!) I’m a book fiend – my husband dreads the end of month sidewalk sales shopping malls have because there will inevitably be a bookstore or two selling books and he’s come to despise Wordsworth in Gardens Centre and EB in the Waterfront. I can get lost in them forever! He usually goes with me for the first bit but then loses patience and either goes to Musica or the German beer place in the V&A. Don’t get me wrong – he loves reading too but he knows our bank account takes a KNOCK every time I’m near a bookstore AND he knows another box of books is going to have to be stashed somewhere for now until we can find space for another bookshelf! So here goes. I apologise for the poor quality of the A-frame shots.