Celeb crushes (as per Cams)

Childhood crush: McGyver

Teen crushes: Andre Agassi, Bon Jovi, Bono, Cat Stevens,

Adult crushes: Jason Bourne (not Matt Damon – just his Bourne character), Jack Bauer, Denzel Washington.

Totally shag-able: Mc Steamy, Denny in Greys, Denny Crane, Mr Big in Sex and the City, Linc and Abruzzi in Prison Break and Hugh Laurie in House.

Celebs I’d like to have dinner with: James May of TopGear, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, James Spader, Chris Rock (I’m sure I’d be able to shed about 50 kg with all the laughing that will be happening!)


6 thoughts on “Celeb crushes (as per Cams)

  1. youunlimited

    Funny how our dinner celebs are all ones that would make us laugh! Ahh Mr Big – I can relateLoved watching McGyver too

  2. deblet

    Oh my word you do know how to pick the yummy ones….dinner guests…love James May,but the whole Top Gear lot would be fun also.Surprised you don’t have any women on your dinner list….how about Ellen or Oprah

  3. rochelle.barrish

    Ellen I suppose I could do but Oprah would just intimidate the heck out of me. Also I was thinking opp sex only – forgot about the ‘chicks’ – oops!

  4. chanua

    I have to admit more than half the people u mention I can’t recall so I had to google them. ooo Mcgyver I loved him so sharp so efficient I wanted a husband like him lol


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