Oo gaats I’m back!

Hey guys, so lots of stiff joints and my head feels very foggy. It was a bleeding miracle that I remembered how to get to desk and switch on computer. So there are a few funny spots on my body that luckily didn’t develop into full blown bedsores. Luckily got enough sun on Saturday. Went for a massage on Friday and hair do this morning. Looking half human again but horror of horrors, not feeling too great. Was very lethargic and TIRED last week and this weekend energy levels picked up a bit but am now eating like a bird and have sort of surface queasies… and the last time I felt like that was…. JA! I’ve not done a Connor yet (Sorry Rebecca for using your son’s name) but am poep scared. Will suck up the courage to get a HPT and run for the hills if the result is scary and keep my legs crossed forever and ever if not. Sheesh – I’m just getting my life back now… don’t really want to go down that road again.


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