Have bed and room, will sleep.

So once the bed was assembled, the bedding was taken out and the curtains changed from baby room to big boy room, it was time for THE TEST. Will he or won’t he?

And you know what? The first night in his room, he slept from 7 pm until 11pm. Woke up and cried a bit because of the strange surrounds but a quick pat on the bum and he was down. Woke up again at 12, 1 and 3. When he woke up at 5 I was a bit moeg, so decided to family-bed again. That was the Friday night. On the Saturday night we did a fair bit of marching again, also had to fight a bit to keep him in the bed as he was pointing in the direction of our room. At first would not allow Dad to comfort him only Mommy could but I thought at this rate, Daddy was going to sleep in heavenly peace and Mommy was going to be a reck. So I told husband not to show any fear, let him know you mean business and that Mommy is not coming to bail him out. Worked like a charm. He quickly got the message and that was that. Sunday evening, he went down at 7 pm, and everytime he turned or moaned in his sleep the monitor would let us know. Had to do a few pats on bottom and cuddles here and there but Thursday night was the miracle night. He slept right through from 7 to 5 with the odd turn here and there but no need for us to get up and pat bottom or cuddle. He has a bottle of formula at bedtime, no dummy and only his hippo to keep him company.

Life is great! I now understand how people go for child number 2… Once you sleep properly again… you start rattling around in your bed and you think, Awww my baby is all big and grown and I feel like I missed out on most of it because I was all paranoid and insecure and sleep deprived… I’m going to have another one so I can be’present’ this time. But mmm I’m not that convinced yet.


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