On a first name basis.

Thomas started calling DH by his first name last night. DH’s nose is a bit out of joint but a) I think it’s just a passing phase and if we don’t make a fuss it will pass quickly and 2) not b — I think it’s just beautiful — he’s been basking in the glow of being called Dada and Daddy for months now. I was promoted from ‘ee ee ee’ very recently and for the past month have been Mama! So I’m going to enjoy my Mama-ness and he can feel what it feels like to not be called Dada or Daddy!


15 thoughts on “On a first name basis.

  1. Jwebber

    LOL…my boy used to call me on my first name and he called my DH “honey”. I didn’t make a big deal out of it and it stopped by itself. However the “honey” bit went on for a good few months. It was quite funny cos he was doing it in complete innocence and he used to do it in public as well. We were in TOYSRUS one day and he bellowed across the isle “HONEY…I want car!!!”. After that incident my DH was highly annoyed and insisted I correct him if he doesn’t say daddy.xx

  2. rebeccav

    Yip, it’s a phase! Don’t make an issue or he’ll do it for attention! I’ve graduated to “Mommeeeeee”. And I’m LOVING it 🙂

  3. rochelle.barrish

    Hopefully not too soon. Am enjoying the look on his face… Whahahaha — revenge certainly is a dish best served cold. I’ve forgotten all my pain and suffering when I was just ‘ee ee ee’. I am Mama! Hear me ROAR! 😀

  4. rochelle.barrish

    I love how we — the ones who had to have fundamental changes and operations and things done to us — have to ‘graduate’ to being called Mommy/Mama and the Daddies are just rock stars!

  5. deblet

    When we were teens,my sister and I called our Dad George,which was odd as his name was Ken…..still can’t remember why we called him that


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