Johnny still has it!

Wow – Johnny Clegg concert was cool. Crowd was a bit subdued — very tally-ho, old chap (oldish, reserved audience) — but the scatterlings and free spirits couldn’t contain themselves once the ROCKING songs started.

Had loads of fun and happy to have seen JC in action. He may be 50-something but he can still kick those legs of his in the air like a young, virile Zulu warrior! Le Zoulou Blanc rocks! Check Thomas!

PS: We were not allowed to take photos of the band for some reason. Were threatened with legal action blahblah so that’s why I have no pics of JC. This being SA, people of course ignored the threats, but I was just happy to see him and not interested in legal action!



13 thoughts on “Johnny still has it!

  1. tania.roux

    So cute Mom! JC doesn’t like people taking photo’s at all, I remember from the last time we went to see him as well. Kind of takes a little away from it, but hey

  2. EEVD

    Not so good with music, so I can’t remember the song’s name now, but he has one song that when I hear it, it give’s me that “proud South African” feeling! Love it!Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. rochelle.barrish

    It’s probably Scatterlings of Africa or The Crossing (O Siyeza, o siyeza , sizofika webaba noma(we are coming, we are coming, we will arrive soon? Anyhoo – it was great fun and left me with renewed hope for us as a nation. We’ve come far… have far to go… but we will get there.

  4. rebeccav

    I always get goosies & that proudly SA feeling when I hear Johnny! We went to our first concert when I was 7 months preggers with T, and our second concert when I was 8 months with Connor! The kicking in my tummy almost made me scream in pain!Looks like an awesome outdoor venue! I’d love to go see him outdoors – just gives it more atmosphere :)Love the pics of Thomas – looks like he had a blast 🙂

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Absoludle! His music just manages to stir the patriot in everyone — and foetuses to apparently! I like that your boys knew good music from inside the womb!

  6. shazdart

    Wow Shell, looks like you all had a great time. It is so good when you see the “older” guys still doing their thing!xx


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