Cam’s Christmas quiz

When do you celebrate – Xmas Eve or Xmas Day?

Xmas eve with friends and Xmas day with family


Best thing about Christmas

Family, girfts and yummy food.


Worst thing about Christmas

WIth Cams on the cow tummy LOL!


My favourite traditional Xmas Carol is….

Hark the Herald Angels Sing


My favourite Christmas song is….

Christmas Without You by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers!


Are you more Boney M or Choral singers?

I always pretend to hate Boney M until I’ve had enough wine and then “I’m So there”


Do you like to choose your own present or have a complete surprise?

I hate surprises because I don’t have a poker face – if I hate it, I will not be able to disguise my feelings. So people who wants to get me a gift always ask for a wishlist.


My favourite Christmas memory is?

When I discovered that Santa wasn’t real and my Mom begged me to play along for my younger sis. I felt so grown-up and way cleverer than her!


How and when do you decorate your tree?

I’m usually so disorganised, I only do it a night before but now that I have a toddler, I’ll have to get my act together!


Do you send out Christmas Cards by post or do you email/sms?

I used to send out cards but now just mail/sms.

Christmas is not the same without….

Ouma’s trifle

My yummy salad – rocket, nectarines, pear, camembert, brie, capers, artichokes, baby tomatoes, asparagus, roasted almonds and pistachio!

Leg of lamb

Roast potatoes


Christmas traditions

We have an orphan’s Xmas eve where we have friends who can’t go home for Xmas over.


What would you love to find under the Christmas tree this year?

Foundation garments that fit and holds together everything that fell apart post pregnancy and birth!


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