Our new baby!

We have a new baby in our home! He’s a gorgeous, fluffy, mewling litte cutie. He’s seven weeks old and Thomas has named him Nala. I was getting broody and this is as far as my DH would indulge me.


16 thoughts on “Our new baby!

  1. rochelle.barrish

    Nala is the name of a friend’s cat and it’s the first cat T really got to know and click with and since then every kitty has been Nala — so there really was no other name but Nala!

  2. shazdart

    Oh he is gorgeous, great name Thomas! We are so cat people but Jess is so allergic to them that she would end up in hospital if she had one of these. (sob) Hug him for me! xx

  3. rebeccav

    I’m not a cat lover, but they are so cute when they’re so small 🙂 A bit like puppies! And babies…..Pity they get bigger – and not so cute – LOL 😀

  4. rochelle.barrish

    Hahaha! It is a pity they get bigger, because then they’re completely independant and you are just their slave!

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Aw – that’s a pity! I saw an article the other day about hypoallergenic cats – with hair — not those ugly hairless jobs that looks so freaky.


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