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My lowest low in childhood was when…

I ‘rescued’ frogs out of a stream running by my Ouma’s house. There were seven of them and I managed to ‘rescue’ four. I took them to Ouma’s bathroom, used my precious Shipmate bubble bath and washed them in warm soapy water as Mom taught me that was the best way to get rid of mud. I then put the clean frogs on the window sill and watched them dry. What I didn’t know was that a) they weren’t busy drying, they were busy dying and b) my Ouma was very fond of them and actually kept track of them in her own little way. I was my Ouma’s favourite and up until that day I had never made her angry and she’d never needed to scold me. I got the scolding of my life that day and I felt so ashamed, I wanted to die. I remember even harbouring thoughts of going to the big canal (forbidden territory) so that the bad men I was warned about could come there and steal me as I was feeling very unloved. What’s your most shameful day?


Sorry but I had to wait for payday to send my child to school.

Just read this in the Sunday Times. Yikes! Apparently schools across the country have been battling with absenteeism due to parents not being able to buy uniforms/stationery and rather keeping kids at home to save them embarrassment! Sheesh – things are really bad out there. They also quoted a township principal who said a lot of kids are still stuck in the Eastern Cape and other ancestral homes because their parents don’t have the bus/taxi fare needed to get them back to the cities and will only have it come payday.

Some principals said that they’d rather have the kids at school as is than have them miss out on three weeks worth of work all because Mommy and Daddy didn’t plan properly or just don’t have the means.

I know of at least two families who went all out in the festive season and had to beg, borrow (and hopefully not steal) for uniforms,etc.

Scary stuff.

Of birthdays, bunnies, yummy cake and ugly stepsisters…

We had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday. Weather was beautiful, could’ve done with less wind, maar nou ja! We were initially put under two gazebos but the wind ripped up the gazebos and dumped them on the jumping castle! Luckily this happened before our guests arrived and there’s a nice bunch of trees with a natural courtyard so we could move the party there. We took hundreds of pics and this is the first kiddie party I’ve been to where the chips and sweets were left virtually untouched. The kids were with the animals, in the play area, on the pony and on the jumping castle. The kids only came back to the table for juice and a quick snack every now and then.

One of the gifts we received is a pair of Spiderman sandals with lights in the heels. So as the foot puts pressure on the heel, the lights go blink blink. Only problem is, Thomas has free-range feet and the only shoes that fits him comfortably are Crocs and Woolies walkmates and that’s all I buy. The shoes are a size six and my poor son has been trying to get his feet into these shoes. He does wear a  6/7 but as I said it has to be made for free-range feet. So my poor boy now looks like an ugly stepsister trying to force his feet into these shoes! Total hoot! Going to have to look for something similar sold locally.

Yummy birthday cake thanks to Charly’s Bakery. Life really is too short to bake cakes like these and be a Mom.(well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)


Thomas stroking a bunny wabbit.

On our way to lunch yesterday, with a collection of fave toys.

On the beach running about after lunch.

My DG is back and all’s well in my world.

Oh the life! I’m on leave for 3 weeks – much needed me-time. DG came in this morning and as we were talking about our respective holidays, I saw her eyes growing bigger and bigger as she took in the level of chaos in my home. She promptly cut short our tea party and told me that she would have to get on with things.

I took the hint and got showered and changed and left the house. I took a stroll in town starting at the top of St George’s Mall. Mandela Rhodes Place is not bad. Was glad to see that there was more Mandela than Rhodes in the art and decor. The sexuality of the majority of people though were def more Rhodes than Mandela, darling. LOL!

I had lunch at Doppio Zero – a sort of Primi Piatti jol without all the orange and the hyper waiters. Then went to Greenmarket Square and popped into lots of interesting shops and stalls on my way to the lower end of St George’s Mall. I then decided that I’d like my hair to be ghd’ed so I found a salon and my hair looks and feel beautiful.

Just got back home now and am exhausted. Will have a naplet before the boys come home.