Of birthdays, bunnies, yummy cake and ugly stepsisters…

We had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday. Weather was beautiful, could’ve done with less wind, maar nou ja! We were initially put under two gazebos but the wind ripped up the gazebos and dumped them on the jumping castle! Luckily this happened before our guests arrived and there’s a nice bunch of trees with a natural courtyard so we could move the party there. We took hundreds of pics and this is the first kiddie party I’ve been to where the chips and sweets were left virtually untouched. The kids were with the animals, in the play area, on the pony and on the jumping castle. The kids only came back to the table for juice and a quick snack every now and then.

One of the gifts we received is a pair of Spiderman sandals with lights in the heels. So as the foot puts pressure on the heel, the lights go blink blink. Only problem is, Thomas has free-range feet and the only shoes that fits him comfortably are Crocs and Woolies walkmates and that’s all I buy. The shoes are a size six and my poor son has been trying to get his feet into these shoes. He does wear a  6/7 but as I said it has to be made for free-range feet. So my poor boy now looks like an ugly stepsister trying to force his feet into these shoes! Total hoot! Going to have to look for something similar sold locally.

Yummy birthday cake thanks to Charly’s Bakery. Life really is too short to bake cakes like these and be a Mom.(well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)


Thomas stroking a bunny wabbit.

On our way to lunch yesterday, with a collection of fave toys.

On the beach running about after lunch.


30 thoughts on “Of birthdays, bunnies, yummy cake and ugly stepsisters…

  1. Mahesi

    LOL! I wish it was mine, I had the pic from goggle before I knew i am having a girl. I am trying for a look similar though

  2. rebeccav

    How did I forget T’s birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! Looks like a fun time was had by all πŸ™‚ He looks so grown up in the pix – but still so small in his nappy on the beach πŸ™‚ The cake looks great (I’m also a firm believer of ‘saving time’ and getting someone else to do it – especially when they do such a great job)!Oh, we also have free-range feet! I have wide feet and a high instep, and battle with many styles! And the kids seem to have inherited my wide feet too!

  3. shazdart

    Happy Birthday Thomas, just look how wonderfully you are growing up!!!!Well done Mom, the cake and the party look and sound really lovely. xxxx


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