Thomas has discovered the purple dinosaur. Oh dear.

I used to laugh derisively at people who ‘fell for the Barney thing’. They would agonisingly try to explain to me that you don’t fall for it – your child screams blue murder if they can’t see/hear/play with Barney. I’ve spent this entire weekend with the purple one – and it’s only week one of Barney. Oh dear. I can still stand Barney to a certain point but where do they get those annoying children from? OMG – I want to klap Michael, Myra, Emily, Sam et al. They’re just the most annoying kids ever. Oy vey.

We’re busy potty training at the moment – going really well and guess what he gets at school for a successful trip to the potty? Yup, a Barney sticker! So this is where my ‘ I fell for Barney’ thing begins. Oh and every time he sees something that has a hint of purple – he wails: Barney!


22 thoughts on “Thomas has discovered the purple dinosaur. Oh dear.


    Oh no! LOL, I’m so glad my son is not a Barney fan. At 2.5 yrs, he’s only now realising his Winnie the Pooh bear, to which he’s long had an attachment, has a character of its own. God- forbid Barney becomes a house-mate. I have a Barney sticker behind his bedroom door, with all sorts of other characters, but he doesn’t seem to like Barney and I hope it stays that way!

  2. nusha

    lol 🙂 i think all kids go through this Barney phase … REALLY hoping the purple one will be extince by teh time my munchkin is the Barney-age 🙂

  3. ludditelass

    It had to happen. I think they should put the Barney phase in the books of developmental milestones along with potty training and learning to talk!

  4. crey

    I am with Luddite… Barney is a phase every child goes through and seems to cling onto for a looong time. Lee-Anne is now only 10months old and she dances to all the Barney songs with Shaun…Great that potty training is going great! Good luck!

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Yup they should. I really thought we’d miss it because he got this far without it – forgot about school!

  6. rochelle.barrish

    Tee hee hee. Must admit they look so cute when they’re doing the Barney thing and I am loving the extra hugs and kisses.

  7. bothajs

    Barney is a magical little dino – he radiates secret vibes to kids and brainwash them into becoming little singing, marching Barney-slaves.Minki has one toothbrush with a small Barney on it, yet she screamed at the top of her lungs “Barney!, Barney!” when an ad showed on TV (she never saw a real Barney before).There’s no escaping The Purple One.

  8. parent24ed

    My nephew used to sing a song that went: ‘I hate you, you hate me, let’s go out and kill Barney…’ He grew up relatively okay, though. So far.

  9. shazdart

    Fortunately our Barney phase didn’t last long, maybe two weeks.Jess loved the Tweenies and they were all she was interested in. xxxx

  10. rebeccav

    Heh heh heh – that’s my evil laugh, cos I’ve done the Barney trip with Tristan, and now Connor’s starting to get into him! At least we have all the DVD’s from Tristan’s phase! Connor also has a toothbrush with Barney on, and Barney has a ball. Connor’s only interested in the ball – but when he sees the DVD’s, he pulls them all out the boxes and piles them on top of the DVD player – like they’ll magically port themselves onto the TV! But when I put them on, he just walks away.PIL’s bought Connor that singing Barney (push heart on tummy, and “I love you” plays over and over and over….) I keep hiding it, but I swear that thing is possessed – it keeps finding it’s way back to the cot!BTW – did you see on American Idol, one of those obnoxious Yanks from Barney was auditioning! Dressed like a dominatrix! Whip and all! So I have my reservations about what Barney does to a child’s mind……..

  11. rochelle.barrish

    He also goes mental when he hears the Tweenies tune. Loves them, especially Jake and Toodles! Don’t know if the Tweenies will win the battle against the purple one though… Maybe Jess can write us a piece on why she fell for Barney and how she got out of the cult. 🙂


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