Mushy carpets and other DG disasters.

How many things have you lost or had changed identity due to an oops by a DG?

I cannot tell you how many kelims and other precious colourful things I’ve lost because DG decided to wash it in warm water and the end result was a blend of all the colours it used to be.

Then there’s the JIK – my DG loves Jik – everything gets Jik-ed which is as I taught her but only the whites… not the colours – they get Vanish – Vanish is interchangeable, Jik aint.

But I must admit the disasters has been interesting topics of conversations. Nothing like trying to explain to a dinner guest (only the good friends, mind) why their serviette is matching in design to all the others but not colour. Or why only their bit of the tablecloth has a bit of a tie-dyed effect! When I think back I smile at all the disasters but I certainly wasn’t smiling when it happened!


8 thoughts on “Mushy carpets and other DG disasters.

  1. ebonyandivory

    Hahhaa, I can write a book on this topic!! Another question, how many small toys has the dogs chewed up, simply becauese they get sweeped outside where eager pups are waiting!

  2. nusha

    list is too long to go into 🙂 but the most recent one is our DG dropped a hot iron on our brand new carpet (installed just days earlier) so now our brand new carpet has an iron-shaped burn on it … DH was very unimpressed …


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