My brief foray into Weigh-less and a pet peeve!

I saw one of those tear away ads in our loo yesterday. Weigh-less changed my life blah blah call me! And I’ve generally resigned myself to the fact that as far as my lard-arse is concerned, it’s until death us do part. But I do have my moments of weakness like yesterday where I dream of being slimmer and and and. So I tear off her number, program it into my phone and call her. We have a nice little chat and because I know that the Sauv Blanc I love so much is mostly to blame for my built-in polly-otter, I ask her what the deal is re wine. Well, she goes: We don’t allow any wine for the first (something) I’m sure I heard year, because as soon as I heard don’t allow wine I started hyperventilating. She said something to the effect of we allow wine in the 5th year and only TJ Light. Now to all the wino’s out there…. You know what TJ light is like – it’s basically water with a wiff of wine – one vat of water to a yoghurt cup of wine! I stopped her in her tracks right there and said: Sorry doll, weigh-less isn’t for me then. No wine?! No wine?! I want to be thin and happy… not thin and mental. She laughed nervously and said maybe I’m not ready for the big decision a weigh-less lifestyle involved and I said – a truer word has never been spoken! So for now I remain fat and happy (mostly).

Right on to the pet peeve! Why do till packers ALWAYS squash your yoghurt, bread, fruit and all other soft stuff into a another food group??!! I usually try to remind them and watch them but it’s difficult to keep Thomas away from all the temptations at the till, keep and eye on the total(to make sure my card will honour the purchase) and do a quick check to see if I bought everything I came for. Packing is ALL they have to do. Why can they not use their noggins and put the heavy stuff at the bottom and the light stuff on top. I cannot tell you how many trays of yoghurt I’ve had to discard because it was squashed into kingdom come! Is it really too much to expect these people to use their noggins and pack things logically? Honestly!


29 thoughts on “My brief foray into Weigh-less and a pet peeve!

  1. ludditelass

    Cheers to being fat and mostly happy! As for the packing skills of some packers, my pet peeve is the ones who pack the soap powder with the bread and the Jik with the bag of apples. Can we just separate the food from the chemicals, please!

  2. hopefulmom

    Wine…… Sigh! My SIL is the 2nd biggest wino I know (after me), she went on weigh less, and worked it as follows – skip bread – one glass of wine, no avo in salad – one glass of wine. Worked for a while, till she stopped counting!! Now she is just happy with her weight and wine!

  3. lyndamadd

    I’m with you on the wine, girl! I stopped my wine for a month last year and firstly the wine had to go for therapy because of separation issues and secondly I didn’t lose a single gram! My philosophy now: life’s just too short!When I get to the car I check my packets and if anything is squashed, disfigured or different in any way (i.e. because the butter was packed next to the piping hot pies) I march back into the shop and demand new item(s) and make sure that I say loud enough that the new item(s) should be paid for out of the packer’s salary. It works. Try it.

  4. rochelle.barrish

    Yup, I can see myself losing count as well. Life’s too short to count your glasses of wine, avos and sandwiches.

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Yup, must just remember to check before I leave the mall/shop. Easier to just dash back than to drive all the way back from home! Going to read post now.

  6. deblet

    LOl at Weigh less.SIL did weight watchers so she could drink.I also hate they way they pack my things,my one is mixing the toiletries with food,this morning I had washing powder in with the bread

  7. shazdart

    How come when you give them a cooler bag they pack it with the washing power etc and your bags of fozen veg and frozen yogurt is in a normal shoping bag? Then when you ask them to put the correct stuff in the bag made for frozen items, you get the “look” ?!! I thought there was training supposed to be involved with the job!!! xxxx

  8. rochelle.barrish

    I KNOW!!! It is so obviously a cooler bag for the cool stuff but they stuff the bleeding rice and pasta in there! I also get the look when I correct them!

  9. locks

    Things must have changed at Weigh-Less (I was a member 7 years ago) or that specific lady has something against wine. I went to find my old WL book (coz I know I had wine during my time with them) and it says: “The Weigh-Less Weight management programme does allow for 1-2 standard alcohol drinks for women…”This was from day one.So with you on the packing thing.

  10. rochelle.barrish

    Yes she’s either an anti-wino or my wino brain interpreted 1 – 2 a week to nothing at all! Which, in my world is one and the same thing! LOL!

  11. ebonyandivory

    I am with you on the no-can-d0 weigh less, I guess it will be till death do us part in my case…lol. About the packers at the till, I tell them from the start, make sure you put, bread rolls, and other soft stuff in the seperate bag I buy for it, do not squash it or I will squash you! I promise you, it works, they dont give me no evil eye no more!!


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