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What’s your broke barometer?

We had one of those WAB chats in the office yesterday and M said she’s so glad to have two-ply loo paper again after a horrid last two weeks of the month where she had to use single-ply. E said she had to give up shaved ham for french polony and S had to buy no-name oats instead of Jungle Oats.

Me? I had to buy T a liter of yoghurt and decant it into his Avent stack cups instead of the usual trays of yoghurt. But I also had to switch to single-ply the last week of March as I ran out of the ‘doggy loo paper’ as T calls it. I know I’m broke if I can’t afford the doggy loo paper.

How do you know that you’re broke?


Would you register your child as an organ donor?

Both DH and I are registered on the organ donor registry. We’ve spoken to family and friends and they all know our wishes when the time comes. Use what can be used and cremate the rest.

Two things happened in the past 3 days which really brought the issue home for me:

1) On Saturday we did the organ donor foundation’s easter egg hunt and great fun that it was… seeing those little people on stage who had all received organs and tissue made me think of my child. If he had to die would I just as easily make the decision to donate his organs as I would DH or as I did when I registered? I looked at him and as I always say when he gets hurt or when I’m just totally overwhelmed at his little body and what it can do: I MADE THIS FROM SCRATCH!!!! Not sure if I could. I obviously feel it’s the right thing to do and I hope that when I’m in that situation, I would be able to see my way clear and give the gift of life to other littlies.

2) The mag I work for did a story this week about a little boy who needed a transplant and the story really touched us. We heard three hours ago that he had died and we’re all devastated as we got to know him and his family.

The end of my singing career…

For the past two years we’ve been one of those cars you drive past where Daddy is driving and singing and Mommy and baby are doing all sorts of strange moves and singing too. Used to feel like a bit of a nutter when people drove past and stared, especially those without kids who has no idea of what the in-car entertainment of a toddler entails.

Well, for the past two weeks, DH and I have been shushhed! As soon as the music fires up and we start singing our bits or mimicking animal sounds, we’re told to shut it. It’s a good thing if we think about it carefully because I’m pretty sure it’s not a joyful noise… but Lord Muck has decreed that he’s the only one allowed to sing along now and that is it. Every now and then we forget ourselves and sing along and the stinging rebuke that comes hurtling from the back seat is something else. No Mama! No Daddy! Shhhhhh (with finger on mouth!)

Ah well – it was good while it lasted and maybe one day we’ll be allowed to revive our short-lived careers. But until then, we’re unplugged!

The face of the little boy that shattered our dreams of making it big as a mom and pop singing sensation.


That’s how I feel. Can the weekend come already? Note I said weekend, not long weekend. I have to work. You know those big trucks that have an extra set or two of wheels that’s sort of kept in the air and only let down if the load is really heavy? I could really do with an extra set or two of wheels today. Or how about those anchors some of the crane trucks have that gets put down with like blocks of concrete while the crane is shot into the air? Hmm those would do as well.

I thank my lucky stars that I’m not too prone to depression because I would def be danger to myself and the world at large round about now.

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Yup, a whole 12 months ago I very nervously and tentatively took my first steps into blogland. Was exciting but also frightening and like all new things, took a while for me to really understand. Throw into the mix, the overachievers at Parent24 who are always wanting to better the site and make it really easy to use… and thereby confusing this little technophobe brain of mine! But thanks to the overachievers at Parent24, I know a lot of things now that I didn’t know a year ago and when my DH and his fellow geeks talk geek, I no longer have to ask for an interpreter… I can actually follow their conversations all on my own!

Thanks Parent24, sprogbloggers and all your beautiful babies and babies-to-be for allowing me into your world and I look forward to loads more special times with you.

Are you a windmill?

I’m getting dangerously close to being one, again. You know how some women propel themselves forward with their arms? I used to laugh at those people but then in my last two months of pregnancy, not only did I waddle but I was a windmill at full speed. Heck, I could’ve kept a small village going if they used windmill generated electricity! My arms were just about doing 360 degree rotations…

I was walking in town yesterday and was walking past one of those buildings that has mirrors as windows (HATE THEM!) and saw myself windmilling along! EEEKKK!

Not a pretty sight. Going to have to make a conscious effort to walk properly even if I’m in a hurry.

My first DUFs for the year!


I’m a windmill – not very flattering

Where’s all my money gone?


My friend in Tennessee has just given birth to her 4th baby and first son!

My Thomas is growing in leaps and bounds. So amazing to watch his development on all fronts


Just realised my favourite little girl turns 2 in 44 days – Yay for Minki!