Do you take money, gifts, etc in return for sex?

This question on the blood donor form always leaves me in a quandary. I am a woman, I have been and still am being courted. My husband is human, he makes mistakes, he atones for them by buying gifts and flowers and sometimes he leaves money on my nightstand for me if I’m out of money or won’t get to an ATM on that day. I forgive him or pay him back by having a roll in the hay with him.

So what is the correct answer to this question. I’ve said yes the first few times but then my forms were red-flagged and I was called into a private room with the Matron and asked about my ‘career’. Once I explained that I was happily married, she laughed nervously and changed my yes to a no and I was allowed to give blood.

It was even funnier when I was dating before I met DH – then the flowers and gifts were in abundance! Ah, the life of a single girl! And the other question that used to confuse me was: Have you slept with someone of the same sex in the past 6 months? Now as a party animal singleton… there are some nights when you just can’t get home or your mate can’t and you guys crash in the same bed. No hanky panky as far as I can remember but the question was slept back then. I see they’ve now made it ‘had sex with someone of the same sex’ must have changed it because of brutally honest and or dumb people like me!

So sprogbloggers… how many of you take money and gifts?????


25 thoughts on “Do you take money, gifts, etc in return for sex?

  1. Hopestar

    Good question. i think many people operate that way. just some dont get the flowers and chocs. *hugs*x x x

  2. Jwebber

    I love money and gifts and chocolate. And sex. And I also like my partner to cook, clean and bath the kids. And yes, if my partner speaks to me in my love languages then the sexual benefits/rewards will be endless. But I am not game for any same sex stuff.LOL..I would definitely say that I am in a healthy symbiotic relationship..x

  3. shazdart

    Oh Shell you always give me a good giggle! I would love to trade sex for money, gifts etc if only there was someone to trade with!!!!It reminds me of the employment for that we used to have, and the answer of one bright spark.Name, age etcSex : Yes, 4 times a week.The inteviewer had written next to it: Lucky Bugger!. xxxx

  4. danile

    Hehehe, I would have to say that we are the same Shell. If he does things for me and makes me feel special of course I’ll reward him. Butif he has ‘forgotten’ something there will be no hanky panky!

  5. ludditelass

    LOL, Shell, you are clearly too honest for your own good. And you’re right, that’s a silly way to ask the question.

  6. durbandiva

    To be honest I try to avoid the connotation of payment for sex in every respect. Sex in my marriage was based on getting something I wanted in exchange because I eventually hated having sex. So now its really important for me that sex is completely mutual and seperate from any gifts etc.

  7. tania.roux

    You are so funny! My hubby’s love language isn’t giving of gifts and I’m far too full of shite, so no gifts for hanky panky in this house..

  8. bothajs

    Me last night to The Bear: “I’ll pay you 5 bucks if you put moisturiser on my legs”.The Bear: “If your legs are unshaven, I’ll do it for not less than 12 bucks”.I did it myself.


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