Are you a windmill?

I’m getting dangerously close to being one, again. You know how some women propel themselves forward with their arms? I used to laugh at those people but then in my last two months of pregnancy, not only did I waddle but I was a windmill at full speed. Heck, I could’ve kept a small village going if they used windmill generated electricity! My arms were just about doing 360 degree rotations…

I was walking in town yesterday and was walking past one of those buildings that has mirrors as windows (HATE THEM!) and saw myself windmilling along! EEEKKK!

Not a pretty sight. Going to have to make a conscious effort to walk properly even if I’m in a hurry.

My first DUFs for the year!


I’m a windmill – not very flattering

Where’s all my money gone?


My friend in Tennessee has just given birth to her 4th baby and first son!

My Thomas is growing in leaps and bounds. So amazing to watch his development on all fronts


Just realised my favourite little girl turns 2 in 44 days – Yay for Minki!



16 thoughts on “Are you a windmill?

  1. tania.roux

    I so feel your pain with the windmill, just had a look through the birthday pics and I look like one too..

  2. rochelle.barrish

    Lucky you – my speed of walking is determined by the speed of the thoughts whirling around in my head.


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