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Reinventing my wardrobe

I started packing away my summer threads and hauling out my (very tiny) winter wardrobe. I found some dresses I last wore before pregnancy and had a look to see if they still fitted. I have a few velvet sleeveless dresses that has buttons right down the front and none of them would button up past my tummy! I tried starting from the bottom and also tried from the top it just wouldn’t close over the gut and the boozums.:-) I was totally frustrated as they’re still in good nick and in an inspired moment, I decided to wear them as ‘coats’. So now I have a few more outfits to add to my little wardrobe. I wear them over trousers and polonecks or long-sleeved t-shirts. Problem solved! Necessity truly is the mother of all invention.


Happy Happy Birthday to my favouritest little 2-year-old girl!

Happy Birthday Minki – I wanted to wish you on your birthday but my internet was dead yesterday…

I hope you had a fabulous day and that you have a heck of a sweetie hangover today.


PS: Congrats to Mama Minki and Daddy Blonde Bear on raising such a beautiful little girl. You guys rock!


I  must firstly apologise to those I will be excluding in this post – I realise not everyone has Dstv but I need to talk about the weird and wonderful CBeebies — catnip to a toddler.

Okay let’s start with Balamory

What the hell is the deal with the ‘narsery’ school teacher’s hair! It’s bizarre. And old PC Plum… hmmm he looks like a kiddy fiddler if you ask me! I love the old inventor guy – whatever his name is. And Josie and Spencer… they are just too saccharine for me. Annoy the bejesus out of me. I really don’t see the point of the old bat in the shop and the girl in the wheelchair other than the BBC trying to show they care about including the elderly and the handicapped. Because they rarely get any air time. Edie MCreadie is also not too bad.

The there’s Sid, the continuity presenter… What the hell… how many times can you do the I’m small and the box is big trick with the camera and the old tennis ball thing as well… Find something new to do fer godsakes!

Bill and Ben… my son understands them, I don’t. All I hear is flabbadabba doo and flabbadabba dee.

Teletubbies – ok that’s worth the irritation because it gives me at least 15 mins of peace in the morning.

Tikkabilla is fun too… But I swear all of those people are on some seriyaaas drugs.

Mister Maker is just too annoying even if he teaches you how to make really cool things in under a minute. Thomas watches that on his own.

Boogie Beebies is lots of fun. I enjoy that – but eish, more evidence of drugs!

But what really does my head in (or as Sumanda so beautifully put it in Afrikaans the other day…. my gat se deksel is) Me Too! I dare anyone to watch that and tell me the pink taxi driver and Granny Murray aren’t on some devilish drug cocktail. They one-eyed guy is ok I suppose or maybe that’s just my PC-ness talking. But those chicks really take the cake in being whacked out of their minds. You have to be to do what they do day in and day out. I can stomach the doctor chick who leaves her dog with Granny Murray on a good day. I wonder if these people are the reason our kids have so much energy?

And the sweet Fimbles… they’re ok I guess but Thomas loses interest pretty quickly. I just love the: When you take a look, inside a book, who knows what you will seeeee?! It speaks to my inner kid.

But Thomas’ absolute favourite at the moment is… Top Gear! I think I need drugs to cope with the fact that Jeremy Clarkson probably has more influence over my son at the moment than what I do. I was relieved to see no TG last night. They might be taking a break — Yay!

I think I fell on my studio this morning…

Been at home all day nursing what I think is a broken/ severely bruised studio. I did one of those either my child falls and hurts himself or I do numbers. The result is I fell off my stoep – three steps onto the street (and I presume my studio) in full view of the morning run in my road. Lovely.

Hope everyone has a great weekend lined up.

If you’ve missed the studio thing, I’m sorry to confuse you.

10 Awesome things

Last night Elton and I were watching a dvd after Thomas had gone to bed and I had the machine running. It was on a spin cycle and we decided to pause while it was spinning. After just sitting for about 5 minutes the cycle stops and we press play. I then decide that I’d like a cup of tea.

Exasperated Elton:Why didn’t you ask me while we were waiting for the machine to stop?

Me: Because I only thought of having tea now

Elton: Why couldn’t you think of having tea while we were waiting for the machine and doing nothing?

Me: Because I was thinking of the flippen machine and if it will ever stop!

Elton: fell about laughing in the kitchen while making my tea.

also way boring to an outsider but that sort of thing makes me very happy to be married to my man. We have lots of moments like that where I wonder how can two people be so connected but still be completely separate beings.

2. Thomas running to me in the afternoon when I fetch him – face wide open with a smile, hands and feet pumping and lots of giggles.

3. The way my little man fits into my body in the morning when we cuddle in bed.

4. Thomas grabbing my face between his chubby paws and planting a kiss squarely on my mouth with a “nice Mama”

5. How the two men in my life are now at a stage where they ‘fight’ over me. “My Mama” NO “My Wife”, etc.

6. The way Elton just knows when I need him to hold my hand or hug me or just put his arms around me.

7. The sweet release of taking off my bra and other restraints and just plonking down in a comfy spot in my home.

8. Reading a book and getting so lost that it’s dark/light when you eventually look up/out.

9. Playing in our local park with Thomas and not being afraid to try every activity and not worrying about embarrassing myself.

10. The words: ‘My Mama’ and ‘My wife’ being bandied about and getting louder and louder with increasing giggles and laughs.

Isabella* can chant in Mandarin and Cantonese and knows where outer Mongolia is…

Well, I’m so friggin happy for Isabella. No offense to any real Isabella’s in blogland.

Yikes, am so over smug moms. The only time I am remotely smug is when people complain about how sickly their kids are and I do say: Thank goodness my son is healthy. But he does get loads of vitamins and I’ve cultivated a healthy appetite for especially veggies, fruit and dairy – so I reckon with all the hard work I put into his health… I’m allowed to be smug with kind permission from Tania who advised me to always touch wood when I have an attack of the smugness 🙂

My son can do a lot of things that I don’t proclaim and I sometimes wish I can tell Isabella’s mom that Thomas could do the things Super Isabella is now doing roughly six months ago but then that would make it seem like I’m in on the competition. So T and I just play with the toys and do our own little thing while Isabella does what Thomas has already forgotten how to do.

Honestly! My child not only knows where Outer Mongolia is… he can recite the longitude and lattitude! LOL.

Don’t get me started on the losing babyweight. Urgghhh, the whole “I had two ricecakes and a slice of cucumber and feel so fat and bloated now.” brigade is also so tiring. You might have your pre baby body back sort of kind of but I’m not the one who had to go back to hospital three times because I ripped my wound open trying to fit back into my skinny jeans on day 5 or who’s wound went almost fatally septic because she didn’t want to cover it up too much otherwise she couldn’t wear her hipster jeans… 

Silly bunt… and no guys, I really am not a bitter and jealous old fattie who has a dof son. Just think there’s so much to enjoy out there and do with our kiddies. And no the silly bunts in question won’t read my blog because they’re the original blondes who uses tipp-ex on their screens to fix mistakes! whahahahakakaka – sorry that bit was me being ugly!

*name has been changed to protect the innocent

Somebody take away all the chocolate and hot cross buns!

My scale asked for back-up yesterday when I tried to check my weight.

I’m never celebrating Easter again.

Thomas hunting for eggs.

He was beside himself when he discovered his first egg.

We have decapitated bunnies and half-eaten eggs all over the house and that is why my scale called for back-up!