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Cape Town MOB

Sorry – I have no pics but loads of fun was had.

I totally and utterly fell in love with LL’s Baby K. Ohhh Emmmm Geeee as Tash would say! He is just the cutest, compact, beautiful and friendly little lad. I tried not to overwhelm him too much as I didn’t want him to remember me as the scary aunty! But I did hog him and I had him drinking his bottle with me and falling asleep on my lap. Thomas has always been bigger for his age and he quickly outgrew my arms but Baby K was just the perfect fit! This little man is also completely and utterly in love with his brother D. Every time he got a glimpse of his brother he would go ‘bratha’and point to D. So cute. Luddy is such a dedicated Mom- we found we had a whole lot of things in common including the schools we chose for our kids. Thomas wept when the Luddies left. I think a playdate is somewhere in the future as we live just one suburb away from each other. Thank you so much to G (LL’s DH) for taking Thomas on board for half of the morning!

The Raucous Rouxs were actually very subdued. The girls arrived in very cute identical outfits except for their wellies – Mignon wore pink wellies and Isabel wore red ones. We still had to get Tania to point out who’s who though. Tania put the rest of us to shame by looking exceptionally glam for a Saturday morning! Gorgeous Mommy. Mignon had a pair of homemade binoculars – very cute. Two loo paper cores glued together, painted and glittered. Very clever. Daniel is such a big boet – he adores his little sisters and is always aware of where they are and helps his Dad keep them all together. So nice to see the love between siblings! Thank you to E (Tania’s DH) for taking Thomas on board for the other half of the morning while the Mommies nattered.

Shazzie is such a great person to be with and talk to! She had us in stitches for most of the time with her snippets. And Jess was great with the littlies too. Shazzie is even warmer and more of a Mommy than she comes across as on the blogs. Just wanted to put my head in her lap and let her stroke my head and know that everything will be ok… She’s that kind of person. Thanks for being wonderful YOU, Shazzie! You’re a rock star.

Adele was very chilled and I think she was actually inwardly laughing her head off at all the chaos the toddlers whipped up and I’m almost certain I saw her cross herself a few times in relief that her toddler years are many years removed from her!

Cams is even more gorgeous than her pics. And Tash is a total mini Cams. Cams persuaded Shazzie to share a plate of food with her because a full portion of what she was having would take up most of her points for the day. Must say, Shazzie’s rubber arm wasn’t that hard to twist! 🙂

When Dylan arrived we all of course went DYLAN! and poor Suki and DH had to remind us that Dylan was with them. Dylan was in the playpark most of the time and I unfortunately only saw him when he was shutting down for his nap.

Supernannies (Karin) was there as well but I didn’t get to talk to her much.

So all in all a great time was had by all of us and as a first time MOBber, I can confirm that it’s not as scary as it sounds, so next time there’s a MOB in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favour and go. It’s so much fun.

Baby Marzanne

Oi – I’ve been trying to avoid reading this and not to think about it since the news broke.

The poor parents. The poor baby. And the poor Nanny.

I don’t know all the facts and what really happened and a lot of people around me are condemning the Nanny to burn in hell. I really don’t know what I would have done if I were the Krugers but I do know that I would have probably quit my job immediately and given Nanny some sort of severance package. But as I said, I don’t know the full story and does anyone really, besides the parents and the Nanny?

Such a tragic set of events and I wish the family strength.

Mother’s Day 2010

The day was pretty cack generally(too boring to even go into) – but made so much better by my sweet boy’s art and a box of yummy chocolates from PnP Canal Walk. I was deep in thought as I was leaving the store and kabam – a lady in red gave me a box of Milk Tray and said Happy Mother’s Day. I almost burst into tears it was so unexpected.

And when he gave me the card and bookmark, he said: Mama, I used hearts! So sweet. This explains all the glitter on him on Friday – he looked like a mini Lolly Jackson after feeling up some strippers.

Old soul or cry baby?

Certain bits of music/songs makes Thomas cry – inconsolably. When he hears/sings our National Anthem, he starts choking up at the second verse and his face crumples up and disintegrates. I have this CD of Lize Beekman’s Lullabyes – he used to love it as a baby but if he hears it now – same disintegrating face. Chris Chameleon’s CD Kyk Hoe Lyk Ons Nou – the first track about the Afrikaans language also sends him off – I love the track but can only listen to it if he’s not around. Some of Damien Rice’s music too. Bagpipes, let’s not even go there! Eva Cassidy – a favourite from babyhood is also a taboo now.

Now I know that I’m the same as well. I cannot sing the National Anthem without choking up and it doesn’t matter if I’m drinking beer or tea while watching a match – always huge lump in throat! And certain bits of music also makes me very emotional and weepy but is it ‘normal’ for a toddler to have this reaction? Or is it hereditary and he’s just like his Mom whose bladder sits under her eyes most days?

My old soul in Newlands forest. This was the first time he walked by himself in the forest – no pram and no kiddy carrier.

Embarrassing parents…

Your comments on my previous post re threadbare/old clothes took me back to a very shameful moment in my relationship with my father.

It was 1992, I was in Std 9 and it was my big tennis match of the season. My father of course was there to support me because he had taken leave to do some things around the house and we were both chuffed that he would finally be able to see one of my matches as they always happened after school on weekdays when he was at work.

So I’m at the venue and we’re warming up and out of the corner of my eye I see my Dad strolling towards the benches. OMG! What is he wearing!!! Is he kidding me?! Is he for real?! He was wearing his weekend gear (ie not suit and tie) and it was fine where my friends could not see him but he was now at my school in those clothes!

I wanted to die of embarrassment and didn’t once look at him or acknowledge his waves and nods and winks of encouragement. I won my match and I think it was mostly fuelled by anger because I had a record number of aces that day!

I gave my Dad an earful in the car on the way home and was so angry with him for days afterwards.

But last year while in the depths of recession, I was standing in Woolies and really wanted to get a pair of nice trousers and maybe a shoe for myself but then realised that Thomas needed clothes more than I did. So I used the money I had sort of earmarked for clothes for myself to buy clothes for my son and it HIT ME!

My father must have had many of the same moments as we were growing up and he had FOUR children – all at PRICEY schools – all with LOADS OF EXTRAMURALS to pay for and a BIG HOUSE and GARDEN to maintain and FOUR DOGS and TWO CATS and TWO CARS and EVERYTHING ELSE. That’s why my Dad was wearing shitty clothes and didn’t look like my coach in a snazzy tracksuit or snazzy casual clothes! I called my Dad that day filled with shame and THANKED him for everything he did for me.

Daddy, you rock – from your ungrateful brat of a daughter!

Thomas with his Dadda.