Old soul or cry baby?

Certain bits of music/songs makes Thomas cry – inconsolably. When he hears/sings our National Anthem, he starts choking up at the second verse and his face crumples up and disintegrates. I have this CD of Lize Beekman’s Lullabyes – he used to love it as a baby but if he hears it now – same disintegrating face. Chris Chameleon’s CD Kyk Hoe Lyk Ons Nou – the first track about the Afrikaans language also sends him off – I love the track but can only listen to it if he’s not around. Some of Damien Rice’s music too. Bagpipes, let’s not even go there! Eva Cassidy – a favourite from babyhood is also a taboo now.

Now I know that I’m the same as well. I cannot sing the National Anthem without choking up and it doesn’t matter if I’m drinking beer or tea while watching a match – always huge lump in throat! And certain bits of music also makes me very emotional and weepy but is it ‘normal’ for a toddler to have this reaction? Or is it hereditary and he’s just like his Mom whose bladder sits under her eyes most days?

My old soul in Newlands forest. This was the first time he walked by himself in the forest – no pram and no kiddy carrier.


14 thoughts on “Old soul or cry baby?

  1. ludditelass

    What a fabulous photo! I think Thomas is a sensitive old soul. D is the same. Even when D was a baby there were some songs that made him cry, especially lullabyes. Maybe that’s why he is not so mad about listening to music now because it gets too emotional for him sometimes.

  2. rochelle.barrish

    It’s my fave photo of him at the mo. Wow – glad to hear another kiddie out there is the same.

  3. Parentpassions

    Beautiful photo – amazing memory with the pic too! I think his tears are old soul, AND he’s definitely someone in touch with his feelings which is grand. Nice post

  4. bothajs

    Sensitive old soul.AT the mo Minki likes Enter the Ninja (Die Antwoord), the part where Yolande sings “ai jai jai, I am your butterfly”, but only when Daddy plays the video with it. She sings “ai jai jai, butt fly” all day long.Love the pic, looks as if he wants to embrace his new found forest freedom.

  5. youunlimited

    Old wise soul!I lovvvve this photo! Can imagine it blown up and framed on the wall.LOL at the bladder under your eyes

  6. ebonyandivory

    Wow, great post, the pic and topic so match! He must be an old soul, he is also very sensitive, he senses the ‘vibe’ of the music, and that is a very special talent.

  7. danile

    Love the pic! Babycakes is so into music but she prefers fast paced music. Some of her favs at the moment include ‘baby tjoklits’ and the Parapapa song(hae no idea what the anem is sorry!)

  8. rochelle.barrish

    thanks and sweet man! I know the parapa song – my sister’s 7-year-old loves it too.


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