Mother’s Day 2010

The day was pretty cack generally(too boring to even go into) – but made so much better by my sweet boy’s art and a box of yummy chocolates from PnP Canal Walk. I was deep in thought as I was leaving the store and kabam – a lady in red gave me a box of Milk Tray and said Happy Mother’s Day. I almost burst into tears it was so unexpected.

And when he gave me the card and bookmark, he said: Mama, I used hearts! So sweet. This explains all the glitter on him on Friday – he looked like a mini Lolly Jackson after feeling up some strippers.


22 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2010

  1. Jwebber

    LOL at mini Lolly Jackson. Glad you had some sweet moments. I told my DH that next year he must take me for lunch and then drop me at home afterwards (I need some time to nap by myself) and then he must take the kids out.x

  2. chanua

    Nothing soothes a cack day like a lovely box of chocx and that superb unconditional love from your little one. LOL on the Lolly bit

  3. rochelle.barrish

    They are, hey? Never thought I’d get so much joy out of an upside-down inside-out haphazard handmade card.

  4. bothajs

    Thomas is adorable, Thomas covered in glitter must be doubly-adorable!(You get choccies from strangers in the mall these days?).

  5. shazdart

    What a wonderful surprise!Love the card and book mark, my card was also homemade with a heart made into a smiley face.(hugs) xx You are coming to the MOB hey! xx

  6. rochelle.barrish

    It is just so sweet to think the little hands that you made in your womb is now making cards and goodies for you! Oh yes – I’m not missing this one even if you guys decide to move it to the Great Karoo! I’m there like a bear.

  7. rochelle.barrish

    He was very shiny – soos ‘n blink sikspens. Ja PnP’s customer care people – pretty cool.

  8. rebeccav

    Love the card & bookmark! And YAY for PnP!!! Our local PnP always has something special for the moms too πŸ™‚ Lovely :)I’m also LOL’ing @ the Lolly Jackson comment!


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