Baby Marzanne

Oi – I’ve been trying to avoid reading this and not to think about it since the news broke.

The poor parents. The poor baby. And the poor Nanny.

I don’t know all the facts and what really happened and a lot of people around me are condemning the Nanny to burn in hell. I really don’t know what I would have done if I were the Krugers but I do know that I would have probably quit my job immediately and given Nanny some sort of severance package. But as I said, I don’t know the full story and does anyone really, besides the parents and the Nanny?

Such a tragic set of events and I wish the family strength.


11 thoughts on “Baby Marzanne

  1. rebeccav

    Hey! I thought you’d gone on a long vacation and not told anyone! Nice to see you :)I have been avoiding the story, like I’m going to try and avoid the latest horror story about people renting their babies out!Why does the world need such sick people? My heart goes out to them as well.

  2. shazdart

    A terrible time for all concerned, especially the poor baby.Are you at the MOB tomorrow, please say you are! xx

  3. shazdart

    Yay, yes she will be there along with her best friend. They are both wonderful with little ones so I am hoping they offer to look out for everyones little tots to give the Mums time for coffee and gabbing! So looking forward to finally meeting you face to face. xx

  4. rebeccav

    Hate that! Some employers have no consideration for us bloggers hey?Hope you manage a relaxing weekend! And enjoy the MOB!


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