Cape Town MOB

Sorry – I have no pics but loads of fun was had.

I totally and utterly fell in love with LL’s Baby K. Ohhh Emmmm Geeee as Tash would say! He is just the cutest, compact, beautiful and friendly little lad. I tried not to overwhelm him too much as I didn’t want him to remember me as the scary aunty! But I did hog him and I had him drinking his bottle with me and falling asleep on my lap. Thomas has always been bigger for his age and he quickly outgrew my arms but Baby K was just the perfect fit! This little man is also completely and utterly in love with his brother D. Every time he got a glimpse of his brother he would go ‘bratha’and point to D. So cute. Luddy is such a dedicated Mom- we found we had a whole lot of things in common including the schools we chose for our kids. Thomas wept when the Luddies left. I think a playdate is somewhere in the future as we live just one suburb away from each other. Thank you so much to G (LL’s DH) for taking Thomas on board for half of the morning!

The Raucous Rouxs were actually very subdued. The girls arrived in very cute identical outfits except for their wellies – Mignon wore pink wellies and Isabel wore red ones. We still had to get Tania to point out who’s who though. Tania put the rest of us to shame by looking exceptionally glam for a Saturday morning! Gorgeous Mommy. Mignon had a pair of homemade binoculars – very cute. Two loo paper cores glued together, painted and glittered. Very clever. Daniel is such a big boet – he adores his little sisters and is always aware of where they are and helps his Dad keep them all together. So nice to see the love between siblings! Thank you to E (Tania’s DH) for taking Thomas on board for the other half of the morning while the Mommies nattered.

Shazzie is such a great person to be with and talk to! She had us in stitches for most of the time with her snippets. And Jess was great with the littlies too. Shazzie is even warmer and more of a Mommy than she comes across as on the blogs. Just wanted to put my head in her lap and let her stroke my head and know that everything will be ok… She’s that kind of person. Thanks for being wonderful YOU, Shazzie! You’re a rock star.

Adele was very chilled and I think she was actually inwardly laughing her head off at all the chaos the toddlers whipped up and I’m almost certain I saw her cross herself a few times in relief that her toddler years are many years removed from her!

Cams is even more gorgeous than her pics. And Tash is a total mini Cams. Cams persuaded Shazzie to share a plate of food with her because a full portion of what she was having would take up most of her points for the day. Must say, Shazzie’s rubber arm wasn’t that hard to twist! πŸ™‚

When Dylan arrived we all of course went DYLAN! and poor Suki and DH had to remind us that Dylan was with them. Dylan was in the playpark most of the time and I unfortunately only saw him when he was shutting down for his nap.

Supernannies (Karin) was there as well but I didn’t get to talk to her much.

So all in all a great time was had by all of us and as a first time MOBber, I can confirm that it’s not as scary as it sounds, so next time there’s a MOB in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favour and go. It’s so much fun.


38 thoughts on “Cape Town MOB

  1. Zayaan27

    Oh man! So sad I missed it but my SIL used our car this morning so I couldn’t make it. Next time for definite though. Would love to meet all the kiddies and moms.

  2. ludditelass

    What a lovely post about the MOB. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Thomas in person. Baby K was clearly very comfortable with you – having his entire nap in your arms! That playdate is definitely on in the near future.

  3. tandy.sinclair

    I am sure you have made my friend’s day – Cams is the most beautiful person! Glad you had fun at the mob πŸ™‚

  4. ebonyandivory

    Ag wow, I am soooo jealous, sounds awesome to have met all these lovely mommy blogstars!! AAaaaahhh I life so far away, and never ever saw a Freestate mob being advertised.

  5. tania.roux

    LOL! Glam?? You are indeed a keeper! Next time I have PMS I’m going to put you speeddial! Was great to meet you!

  6. Sumanda

    Ek is nou ‘n afskuwelike groen kleur van jaloesie! Ek wil ok saam kuier :(. Ek dink regtig ons moet volgende keer ‘n donasie blikkie maak sodat ek (okay, as dit dan moet – die kiddies ook) kan saam kom.

  7. shazdart

    Awww thanks Shell, it was a wonderful day and I am soooooo glad I got to meet you and Big Tom at last, oh yes and your DH too! Luddy and I are going to do a meet up at Cape Garden Centre I think, so maybe you and your boys can come too. Will keep you posted. xx (a stroke on the head too) xx

  8. rochelle.barrish

    Ek reken ons Kapenaars moet ‘n bus trip reel. Eers PE (want ek wil bitter graag vir Pudding ontmoet) dan Bloem, dan Jozi. Dit sal nou ‘n lekker trip wees!

  9. parent24ed

    You’re right, I just couldn’t believe the energy you moms of littlies have to dredge up. No wonder I had four cups of tea.

  10. rebeccav

    Thanks for the update! You’ve filled the rest of us in on what a load of fun you guys had, and it sounds so nice to meet everyone we share most of our work week with πŸ™‚ Well done CT for the successful MOB πŸ™‚ And well done Shell for the most informative post πŸ™‚

  11. rochelle.barrish

    Ek’s besig om te sien of ons miskien ‘n bus trip kan reel! πŸ™‚ Kan jy jouself dit voorstel? ‘n Bus vol Mammies en babas van die Kaap-PE-BLOEM-JOZI.

  12. youunlimited

    Cams is doing a **happy** dance! You made my day today>BTW….the natchos were so so so scrumptious

  13. deblet

    So glad you love Shazz….now you know why I only ask her to kid sit my brood if we have to go away.She also told me that I would LOVE YOU so…..we need to meet soon so we can see if we really do LOVE each other

  14. rochelle.barrish

    I am indeed! My line manager resigned and it’s been a chaotic time. Hope to settle by the end of this week.


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