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Who the bleep is Gill Marcus????

Since being in hospital, I’ve not really touched my purse or money or cards as husband took over all those things and I frankly couldn’t be bovvered with life’s mundanities.

Since being back at work, I’ve had to start dealing with life’s mundanities again. This morning I went to the coffee shop and bought breakfast. I took out the cash from my purse and saw the name Gill Marcus on the note. I had a moment of panic there as the name/signature looked SO fake. Who the heck is Gill Marcus?! Took several nanoseconds for the dots to connect and for me to remember that Gill Marcus is not some Nigerian counterfeiter but that she’s indeed the Governor as it says underneath the signature! I was really panicking as it is the only money I have on me and I was REALLY hungry and they don’t do cards! Real senior moment.

On the health front: Things seem to be looking promising. I def feel stronger and have very little episodes of feeling breathless. I try to do things that requires a bit of energy and more often now but use my breathing as a guide. As soon as I’m aware of my breathing, I stop. My right ear has been blocked for two weeks now and I have an appointment with an ENT and audiologist this week. My GP thinks it’s one of my tablets that I’m on for the heart but my cardio doesn’t think so. That’s why they roped in the ENT guy to adjudicate.  Our house has been a ton of fun with me not being able to hear so well. And my sweet asst nurse has taken to making fun of me asking them to repeat themselves and also getting frustrated with me not hearing him first time, second time and sometimes even third time around! mama, Mama, MAma, MAMa, MAMA!!!

Been lurking on the blogs everyday and commenting where I can. Also been nominating you guys like crazy.

Just one question… while I was in hospital, did you guys have a national MOB? I ask because almost everyone is TTCing or preggers and I wonder if it’s something you all had at this national MOB. Thank goodness, I was in hospital and not at this MOB…  LOL!

Mama, you’re fixed now?!

These are the words my assistant nurse declares after every medicine-giving exercise. Since I came from hospital and he wouldn’t let me out of his sight, he has demanded that he give me my cocktail of drugs and holds the glass of water as I swallow the tablets.

And once the tablets are down… Mama, you’re fixed now?! Then I have to explain that I must first finish ALL the tablets in the packets before I am fixed. Not sure he understands, but that’s the best I can do.

Another thing he says a lot that just finishes me, is : Mama, you can’t go with me? I haven’t been going anywhere, it’s always just him and DH so when he asks this I know that he wants me to go with and I have to say no, I wait here for you.

He’s also very insecure about my whereabouts in the house since my hospital stay. I have to announce where I’m going and what I’ll be doing. And if he’s forgotten where I said I’d be he runs through the house in a flat spin shrieking Mama, Mama!

But we are just loving him more than is humanly possible and I hope this episode is nothing more than a blip on his childhood memories. I can’t remember anything before 4/5 years anyway. Hope he’s the same.

I am definitely feeling much stronger this week and seeing as how I’m supposed to be back at work next week, it’s a good thing. Will obviously have to ease back into work but if this is how I feel after a month of the meds… I think there’s hope for me.