Hearing aids are discreet nowadays…

Yup, I’ve been to the ENT guy and audiologist and I’ve lost 50% hearing in my right ear and 40% hearing in my left ear! ENT guy reckons the nerves in my ear have been klapped by the same virus ‘what did my heart in’. Gmff.

Must say I’ve been very Zen about this whole thing and even the thought of not being able to hear as well as I used to without the help of hearing aids, hasn’t fazed me either.

Tania has the right idea with her gratefulness list. Since this whole heart saga started, I’m just gratefeul to be alive. Full stop. I can breathe fairly easy again, I don’t need to be hooked up to oxygen or other machines, my heart is doing great on it’s own, I don’t need an external pump just yet. I can breathe and live on my own. Grateful. So what if I can’t hear that well. So what if it becomes a permanent loss of hearing. I can still see and there are certain sounds I will NEVER forget… Thomas’ first cry, his laughter, his voice, loved ones’ voices, etc. I must just make sure I ‘back-up’ all my sounds just in case they disappear.

So the deal with my hearing now is that I’ve been on cortisone for 7 days – 3 more days to go. I go back to ENT guy on Tuesday to have the same tests I had two weeks ago and if there’s no improvement, I will need hearing aids. If the damage is not permanent, I dunno what he plans to do.

Amazing how this whole experience has competely shifted my focus. I really no longer sweat the small stuff and you know those misplaced guilt feelings we all have about all sorts of trivial kack? All gone. I feel so much lighter and free-er to say NO, I don’t want to, No, it doesn’t suit me, No, I’d rather spend the time with my family, No, I don’t really like you that much. It is just so bloody free-ing.

Try it, you’ll never look back!

Thanks to all of you who always checks up on me. Great to know that I’m missed πŸ™‚

PS: The header of this post is what ENT said to me just before my Zen-nes ran out and my eyes started ‘leaking’. Luckily DH was with me to catch me.


27 thoughts on “Hearing aids are discreet nowadays…

  1. shazdart

    My dad was less than Zen about his need for hearing aids for years. Then along came Jess and when he could not hear her voice, he was off like a shot to get some.Of course we want to know you are ok, you are a very special friend. Hugs for you all. xx

  2. Sumanda

    *drukkies* Jy weet natuurlik wat is die ABSOLUTE beste deel van gehooraparate? Die dag wanneer jy nie WIL hoor nie, dan sit jy hulle net af :)(Dis wat my pa altyd doen. Hy het sy gehoor begin verloor in sy dertigs agv die beentjies in sy oor wat aanmekaar begin groei het)

  3. rochelle.barrish

    Ek weet!!! Kannie wag om daai deel te toets nie! Kan net se my batterye is pap – vandag kan ek niks hoor nie! LOLLLL!

  4. rebeccav

    You have such a fantastic attitude! Good for you πŸ™‚ I do hope that your hearing loss is not permanent, but so what if it is? Get a hearing aid and move on. After the drama you’ve had in the past few months, I’m sure you will take it in your stride! Still thinking of you, and praying you continue going from strength to strength!Have a great weekend – with family! Had to LOL @ No, I don’t really like you that much πŸ˜€

  5. youunlimited

    Oh my hat Shell! Did I miss the post where you mentioned this before? You have such an amazing attitude that I’m sure those nerves will heal in time.

  6. ebonyandivory

    Aaah my dear friend!! I really hope the damage is not permanent, or that it does not become permanent hearing loss. Yes hearing aids are discreet these days. I am so grateful you are still around, for your family, the lovely boy and for us, because you are such a delight!! What is the name of the darn virus again? Hugs!!


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