When doctors are stumped…

Okay, so I’ve always been an overachiever, except for Maths and Science (we’re just not compatible).

But there are certain times and certain things that you don’t want to be one-of-a-kind of…

Murphy has been very busy with me this year and I’ve managed to maintain my sense of humour about things because I’m a big girl, mos. But when he starts messing with precious little newborns (Hopeful Mom’s Precious) I can’t help but get angry and lose my dinges.

When my cardio diagnosed viral cardiomyopathy (inflammation of the heart muscle), once the shock settled in and I asked questions, there were a lot of ‘we dunnos’. If anyone of you have ever had a bloodtest done by Pathcare, you know what the form looks like, right? I had EVERY block on that form ticked (except the illegal drugs) and was tested for alles. And they could not figure out what virus it was that attacked the heart muscle. The best possible way to identify the virus is to take a slice of inefcted heart muscle but that’s too risky if the heart muscle is already in distress. So I’m a bit like someone suffering from Alzheimer’s — this disease of the brain can only be diagnosed after you’re dead (for obvious reasons). Except in my case, my virus can also be identified once my heart is replaced by another (if push comes to shove). Until then, there are lots of unanswered questions and no answers.

Then we move onto my ears… 4 weeks after I leave hospital my hearing suddenly and drastically goes for a ball of poo. Just like that. No warning. No hearing in one ear and limited hearing in the other. Why? GP thinks its one of my meds, cardio says no it’s too low a dose. ENT guy says same virus ‘what got your heart’, Audiologist says ‘how on Earth are you coping with this limited hearing? You should have hearing aids!’

Niiiice. Just what I needed to hear now. ENT puts me on cortisone (YUCK) for ten days and says come see me when the cortisone is finished, hoping that the cortisone will fix what he doesn’t know. I go back after ten days and my hearing has improved slightly but the patterns of my hearing test points to something else. There’s a doo-icky that connects your ear to your brain…  and wait for it… in 4 in a 1000 people this doo-icky grows a wart-like device and kills your hearing! I like being 4 in 1000 but not for hearing loss… why not outstanding IQ or something fab like good body fat ratio or summat?!

I now have to have some SPECIAL MRI  to have a look at my doo-icky and see if my doo-icky is 4 in 1000. If my doo-icky has warts, then they can zap it off apparently. If not, then this is as good as my hearing will get and I have to go back to ENT guy once a year to check my hearing and make sure it doesn’t deteriorate. End of story and of course lots of unanswered questions too.

Now I know that I have lots to be grateful for but surely I deserve answers to my questions too… Anyhoo, my mantra is I live to see my gorgeous son for another day and I get to hear his sweet voice. All I need at the end of the day.

Here’s to all the ‘overachievers’ out there who have their doctors stumped. We shall overcome.


35 thoughts on “When doctors are stumped…

  1. tania.roux

    Crappy doo-icky warty thingy. Sommer net simpel. And your ticker needs a kick up the muscle, you have a boy to raise!

  2. Pizzicatto

    Best of luck, thinking of you. And good for you for keeping up the good spirits, that makes you one in a million!!!

  3. deblet

    Wow you sure are being dealt out large doses of wtf!!!!!hang in their girl,you will survive…hope the MRI finds the cause

  4. ludditelass

    Being a medical statistic sucks! But as you say you are an overachiever so you will overcome these challenges! Sterkte and big squeezy hugs – if your heart can take them! 😉

  5. Parentpassions

    This post is so terribly unfair. Why you? How can your heart and your doo-icky get rare phenomena all in the same year, all in the same person? I don’t get it. Sending you healthy thoughts and zero Murphy’s for the rest of your life.

  6. rebeccav

    I generally get stupid symptoms that no one can diagnose – I am greatly relieved there is someone like me! Hey sister from another mister 🙂 I will over achieve and overcome with you! (My weird symptoms are in no way as serious as yours however).Highly frustrating, and grossly unfair on you. Doesn’t the universe understand the necessity to be there for your Big Tom? It sounds like the hearing thing must be related to the heart thing, since they both went loopy around the same time, but hell man, they must be able to give you some more conclusive answers!!! Still holding you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they can come up with something soon!!

  7. Jwebber

    Warts inside your ears???Seriously. WTF next???I can just imagine how frustrating this must be for you. Sjoe. Sterkte..xxxps..Murphy se ma se $%^%&^&. Seriously. Murphy needs to Eff Off. Like NOW!

  8. rochelle.barrish

    I know – what the heck, hey? Hopefully this is my quota for my lifetime. No more after this, please and thank you!

  9. ebonyandivory

    Oh no!! WTF???? Really, this needs to end now!! I hope they can zap those warts off…otherwise we have to use an old wives tale…like frog urine in your ears…oooweeeeehhheeheh…lol. Strongs my friend! Thinking of you and all the best. Hugs

  10. youunlimited

    Shell, you amaze me! Such frustrations and still a great sense of humour. When are you having the MRI on the doo-icky thing-a-ma-jig? Let’s hope that they burn it to hell and gone with a laser.Big hugs

  11. experiment69

    Hi. Im so sorry to hear about your condition but have to say that with your attitude towards this is going to get you well in no time at all… Take care and God bless.

  12. youunlimited

    Will be thinking of you. While you are there I’ll be having my one remaining boob squeezed to kingdom come. It’s mammo time for me on Friday :/

  13. rochelle.barrish

    Wow, Cams – you are such an inspiration too! Will be thinking of you and your squished boob. Hope you have lots of yummies waiting for you at home to erase the yuckiness! xx


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