They don’t make newlyweds like they used to…

This is something that’s been bothering me since I got married. I remember how I felt before , during and after getting married. Heck you had to scrape me off the ceiling! I loved the run-up, loved the ceremony and jol afterwards and especially loved the honeymoon!

It therefore baffles me when newlyweds I know come back from their honeymoon and they’re like blah, meh, whatever. I had a wrap-around smile for ages and still do, actually and my tummy still bounces when I catch sight of my husband unexpectedly or when he comes home after being away without me. PS: My tummy bounces externally too nowadays after giving birth but that’s a story for another day!

Why are so many newlyweds so bleh. I have three newlyweds at work who got married recently and they’re just so bleh, meh. There was no big excitement about the wedding. Heck, those of us who were planning their parties here at work were more excited than them! One of them recently celebrated their first anni… I excitedly asked what their plans were and he looked at me as if I had gone mad. He said it was a normal day and eve. It’s not like it’s a 10th or 20th… Hmmm, I dunno. And I wasn’t expecting him to take her to the Mount Nelson or a helicopter flip, but a simple but nice celebration is surely not too much?

Anyone else notice this or is just my newlyweds who are catatonic?


22 thoughts on “They don’t make newlyweds like they used to…

  1. deids13

    I was excited the whole year before and probably most of the year after my wedding. We’re going on 6 years this Saturday and I’m excited all over again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. pawsaw

    A friend of mine has a bumper sticker which reads:Just Married(crossed out) – still on honeymoon. She and her wonderful man have been married for 30 years.

  3. ludditelass

    Newlyweds should only be catatonic from lack of sleep and they should still have a dreamy look in their eyes and a silly grin on their faces. Bleh meh doesn’t sound like blissfully, happily ever after.

  4. kirsten

    We were planning our 10 year anni this year…. and then fell pregnant (oopps, wasn’t going to celebrate with a big flabby tummy!)… going to throw huge party instead for the 11th ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. experiment69

    Oh oh, I feel the same way as your colleagues do. But I guess its different for us guys because obviously women are the more emotional ones. For your’ll a wedding is a way to show family and friends your’s love for each other and a union of two souls and blah blah blah. But from my perspective, a wedding is sorta like a big birthday party, with good food, and dancing and everybody there knows that you got and your partner are now officially together. Dont get me wrong, I do believe in all that romantic stuff but planning a wedding is very tiring, I suppose, so when it’s all over, you’re probably too tired to think of anything else.However, I do think celebrating an anniversary is important so there should be something special planned. Personally, Id take my wife out to a nice restaurant and then have friends and family over the nearest weekend to celebrate (good food, dancing + GIFTS…).So there, thats my opinion. (“,)

  6. nusha

    every anniversary is an occasion to us! we take turns planning (he did the first, me second etc.) something and its a total surprise to the other person ๐Ÿ™‚ i LOVE being married to my hubby … don’t know any newlyweds … Best Friend and I got married in the same year (2007) and we are the newlyweds in our circle :-)your newlyweds don’t sound right to me!!!

  7. durbandiva

    I suppose having been married and divorced and not doing things the traditional way this time at all I am a bit not that excited about anniversaries either. I don’t like to make a big thing out of one day – for me its about making every day one to remember. We will get married one day because its important to Toyboy on some level, but that will never represent the start of anything for me – it will just be a special event in the course of our relationship, like having a baby is.

  8. rochelle.barrish

    It makes a lot of sense. I remember the stress and fighting too. Maybe I’m just good at being in denial? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. rochelle.barrish

    I agree with not making a big thing with Anni’s. Heck for our first anni I was 8 months preggers and even though we went out, all I wanted was my bed. Second anni we were knee deep in teething and crawling and just managed to eat at the same time, without interruptions and on our third we bought wishlist items for each other. I’m talking more about the general vibe after wedding, not just anniversaries.

  10. rochelle.barrish

    I hear you, us chicks are the emotional, excitable ones… I suppose having to live with your love 24/7 and adjusting to their habits takes some doing and as Mrs C said,the harsh realities of life that awaits you after the wedding and honeymoon can zap it out of you.

  11. rochelle.barrish

    OOPS indeed… That’s how I felt on our first anni… just wanted to beach my 8 month preggie body on the couch! Congrats on 10 years!

  12. helenqueener

    Ja, I remember that it all just felt so unreal — so wonderfully unreal: is this me? am I really married? and we get to sleep together and wake up together and be together 24/7!?! WOW ! I’m still so happy to be married to my imperfect, beloved man!


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