My favourite child is … Thomas!

My favourite man … Elton (DH)

My favourite woman … Glendyr (aka the best mom in the WWW – a good friend’s mom)

My favourite colleague is Hannelie (or Hannobie as Thomas called her last night)

My favourite oldie is/was my Ouma – she is/was cool.

My favourite cat is all the cats I ever had

My favourite dog is a friend’s labbie

I loooooooove Dolly Parton (no ugly comments, please!)

My favourite band is U2

I was telling DH about the NATIONAL MOB that I missed where the majority of the Sprogbloggers were and promptly got preggers or started TTCing. Thinking about my favourites made me think of why I’m so reluctant to have a 2nd child beside the obvious financial reasons and now lately the health. I am undoubtedly a person who has favourites and I make no secret of it. I tell people you are my favouritest ____ in the WWW. And they know it because my actions and deeds show it. I cannot hide it. And if I don’t dig you, my actions and deeds also leaves no doubt. I’m not nasty or rude (unless you are) … I’m more indifferent to people I don’t care for.

And I know that if I have a 2nd child and I just don’t click with him/her gaan daar perde wees! I am incapable of hiding my displeasure. I don’t have a poker face. Never have, never will.

Another reason I’m scared of having another child is that (and here I am touching wood, knocking on wood, clutching my four leaf clover and really not trying to be a smug mum) Thomas has been and is the healthiest and most easy-going child I have EVER come across. Except of course for his monster teething phase and the weaning-off-the-sleeping-on-the-boob phase. He was a robustly healthy baby and has always had a clean bill of health. Now I’m a big believer in Karma and heck my health karma completely skipped him… all those years partying up a storm and not being too kind to my body HAS to come bite me in the bum, surely… what’s that sins of the mothers… thing or is it fathers? And of course all the sleepless nights I gave my poor parents! So I reckon if the health karma skipped him, the 2nd child won’t be as lucky. Husband pointed out that with my recent medical dramas, I’ve def got my health karma quota dusted but … my twenties were wild, boys and girls… I’m not sure I’m done paying yet!


20 thoughts on “Favourites…

  1. rebeccav

    Funny thing, Karma. I didn’t give my parents sleepless nights – I always used to sleep at a friends house and sneak out. So where the fark do I get the payback from? Ai, Karma can be a bitch sometimes!I’m also not good at hiding the fact that I dislike someone. I don’t have a favourite child though, thank God! Tristan’s my favourite for one thing, and Connor for another. Win-win!


    Hi Shell,I had all sorts of fears, and then add personal issues, b4 going ahead and trying for no.2. One thing I am terrified of is having a baby opposite personality of my 3yr son. Also very content child, very disciplined.The reason I decided to go for it is because 1, I am so flippin broody, I can’t contain it anymore and 2. cub is getting spoilt now and I think having a sibling will make him more considerate. Not material stuff, but for attention. Maybe it’s just his personality and him testing the boundaries, but he gets kindof demanding and bossy. (I do have boundaries tho and he knows them)Hope your health gets better girl!

  3. ebonyandivory

    Hahahaha no man, bog met dit!! Jy kan weer lucky wees. Ek is net so verbasend lucky dat my poppie so gesond is!Sy was in 3 jaar nog nooit by ‘n dokter ni, suster, apteek ja, en dis al!! En ek glo en vertrou dat nog een net so gesond sal wees!! Ek glo dit net. Jy is gebless met Thomas, jy gaan weer gebless wees, ek weet dit!! Anyway jy het genoeg mediese bad karma vir die hele family. lol. Sterkte en ek hoop jy try….

  4. durbandiva

    I have to really think hard to come up with favourites of anything. Definitely not between my kids. If you have a second you will see – they are so different – each child can be favourite for different reasons.

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Shame – you must be getting husband’s karma then if not yours…I’m sure once I have the child I’ll be fine like most people are but I do know myself and my demons really well and I’m afraid to take that chance! ALso not sure my sanity (which is fragile at the best of times!) can handle another sprog! Oh well… we’ll see next year once I’m healthier and I maybe go to that National babymaking MOB.

  6. rochelle.barrish

    Hehehehe! Ok ten minste weet ek as en Nr 2 nie kliek nie is daar ‘n baie warme liefdevolle Mamma,Pappa en sussie in die Vrystaat vir hom/haar!

  7. experiment69

    My brother is my dad’s favourite, im my mother’s favourite! Im forced to be a mummy’s boy coz if I had to depend on my dad, Id have f*ck all. Certainly wont be the case with my kids, im going to love all of them equally.

  8. ludditelass

    I was going to say exactly that. I love both my boys equally but differently because each one is himself – a wonderful, unique individual.

  9. helenqueener

    wow — I had to go through a lot just to leave a comment:) As you know I have 4 children and every time I have come to the end of my pregnancies (2,3 &4) I have felt sorry for the child that was currently the baby and have wondered if/how I could love another child as much. And, at the risk of sounding trite, I must just say that my heart and my capacity to love has grown with each child so that I never feel like I love anyone less, but rather that I have been given more love to share:)

  10. nusha

    i don’t think one’s capacity to love is a finite thing ๐Ÿ™‚ we don’t get a barrel of love and then have to divide it up til the barrel is empty and when someone new comes along we don’t have to take it away from someone else to give it to the new arrival ๐Ÿ™‚ agree with DD and LL ๐Ÿ™‚ But i do have a favourite cat, person, colleague etc. i think its different with ones children!

  11. rochelle.barrish

    I replied to this and it somehow disappeared! Wow your reasons for having no 2 is so much like mine! Thanks for the wishes re health.

  12. Sumanda

    Ek is vertel dat met seuntjies worry jy wanneer hulle klein is en allerhande dinge aanvang en met ‘n dogtertjie worry jy wanneer hulle groot is en … allerhande dinge aanvang!Maar om jou so bietjie gerus te stel. Maak nie saak WAT jou kind doen, of hoe kwaad jy vir hom/haar is nie, daai mamma liefde wat jy vir jou kind voel is nooit dood nie.Die slapelose nagte gaan ongelukkig gebeur een of ander tyd ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. chanua

    My turning phase for having 2 was my hubby’s words to me re his single child life and his was not the only story I heard of. He was lonely as he aged with no support from sibling who he longed for, a bond even for a certain period he never had…it’s trying

  14. rochelle.barrish

    Hehehe – hey my child and your childrens’ going to read this one day… have to be careful! Maybe I’ll tell you at the next MOB!

  15. rochelle.barrish

    Hmmm – food for thought. But husband and I both come from HUGE families and know what it’s like to not get things because there’s no money and there’s always a younger sibling who needs nappies, food, clothes, school stuff, etc and you as the eldest have to wait and/or do without.


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