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Melie Antynette!

My sweetest sweet!

Sleeping with waterwings just in case.

Thomas and I did our fave mother and son thing last Thursday . . . we baked a choc cake. On Saturday he wanted choc cake for brekkie and I asked him if he thought he was Marie Antoinette. He then went Melie Antynette, Melie Antynette. What is that?

So cute!

His fave thing to say at the moment is ‘How about me?’ If something is happening without him… ‘How about me?’

He is becited to start in the bigger class next year. The teacher from the class above him told him today that when school starts next year he must come to her class as his 3rd b-day is two weeks into the new term. Most of his buddies are in that class . He prefers to play with the bigger boys as the kids in his class are tiny.

He had a bit of a tummy bug this weekend and after a particularly colourful puking session I asked him if he wanted to go to hospital and he said no. Said I should go to hospital so he can visit me!


Shell snippets


I went for an ECG and Echoblahblah and bloodtests and X-rays and the news seems to be good. Cardio and I will chat on Tuesday about the way forward. I reckon I’m prob going to be on meds for rest of my life and all my enemies’ hearts are safe for now. No violent organ harvesting needed yet.


ENT guy sent me for the special MRI and was supposed to call me with results. I’ve tried calling him and sent an e-mail. Guess who’s bill I’m not going to pay? For now my hearing loss is at 50 % in both ears but I get by ok.


In desperate need of removal. I need a haircut, a hair colour (am looking like that famous pic of Einstein), a moustache wax, a bikini wax/shave and need to get rid of the steelwool on my legs. I’ve been letting things go seeing as how I wasn’t sure that I was going to be around in summer but now that I’m stronger and def going to live, it’s time to make myself presentable as I go out into civilisation again.


Have painted toenails – very good sign that I’m back in the land of the living. Need to go for mani and paraffin pedi soon. My hooves are in desperate need of attention.


I’m back to my normal colour… was looking a bit pale. Am a healthy choc brown again and not glowing yet but that will come with more exfoliating and moisturising.


Has not seen any action as my libido was non-existent and also because I’m not supposed to use the pill with my meds. Just didn’t bother trying any other contraceptive methods… poor DH! I now know why I loved being on the pill so much… my monthlies are back in full force and am bleeding like an ox and in enough pain to fell an ox (sorry for TMI). More bad news for poor DH – def no libido in sight. I’ve become aware of my C-section scar again (nearly 3 years later) dunno why. Not pain – just sensitive at times.


Being stimulated to the max in my new job! Loving it. Am being given the opp to write stories and it’s just SOOO exciting.


After a break of 4 months, my liver had to deal with some bubbly consumption. I’m not back at full strength re drinking but I can have a glass without feeling ill. Yay.

Gut and tuchas:

Am enjoying the weight I lost… especially when I have to buy safety pins to keep my pants and skirts up. Feels great. I have however already found 3 of the 15kg I lost. If I should need to go on to the transplant list, I will need to lose another 10 kg as they don’t give organs to fatties. I think this is the most weight I’ve ever lost and it took me a while to get used to it and I lost alot of my body confidence. I felt like a newborn foal at first.


As gorgeous as ever! He’s been such a rock through all of this and I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life.


Big Tom is growing in leaps and bounds on every level. He is such a divine child. I love him to bits and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the Whole Wide World.  


Nala continues to be the schizo cat we’ve come to love. Although he’s chilled out lots, he still has his mad moments. Took him for his Rabies shot the other day and he was most indignant. He also had a deflea-ing dip and the second he was let out of his cat box he found the nearest patch of sand and rolled himself in it… just like a dog.

I have been following mostly all the blogs and been entertained by you as usual. Just not always able to comment as Thomas now also wants to blog and FB.

THanks for being such a great bunch of friends, sisters, brothers and mentors!

Sick world = sick me

We took Thomas to the Spur for the 3rd time the other day. I refuse to give in to the notion that I have to go to Spur because it’s the only place where kids are welcome and don’t have to be tied to the table and made to behave like grown-ups. But we were just so tired and welcomed the thought of him being occupied by something/someone else while we ate in relative peace. 

His first time was when he was 6 months old, second time when he was 22 months and now (32 months).

The Spur we went to has their play area right next to the toilets. We chose a table that had a partial view of the play area door and we could see in to the area as well. The play area consists of six TV games and a whole lot of balloons.

Thomas has had no exposure to TV games so he’s playing involves pressing every button on the console and making car noises. We couldn’t get him out of the play area the last time we were there but this time we bribed him with ice cream.

While we were there I was majorly paranoid about him. I watched every person, especially men (sorry to the good guys) who went through the loo entrance to make sure they didn’t take my son with them and oh hell… the mental images and scenarios that went through my head were scary. I don’t know who I was more afraid of in the end… the faceless baddy that was going to grab and molest my son or my mind’s ability to think up all these scary thoughts of what could possibly be done to my son in this sick world. I came to the conclusion that I read far too much newspapers and that I’m in desperate need of one of those mind-erasing jobbies they did in that Eternal Spotless Sunshine of the Mind movie…

Heeeelp… Am I the only sickie/sicko?