Sick world = sick me

We took Thomas to the Spur for the 3rd time the other day. I refuse to give in to the notion that I have to go to Spur because it’s the only place where kids are welcome and don’t have to be tied to the table and made to behave like grown-ups. But we were just so tired and welcomed the thought of him being occupied by something/someone else while we ate in relative peace. 

His first time was when he was 6 months old, second time when he was 22 months and now (32 months).

The Spur we went to has their play area right next to the toilets. We chose a table that had a partial view of the play area door and we could see in to the area as well. The play area consists of six TV games and a whole lot of balloons.

Thomas has had no exposure to TV games so he’s playing involves pressing every button on the console and making car noises. We couldn’t get him out of the play area the last time we were there but this time we bribed him with ice cream.

While we were there I was majorly paranoid about him. I watched every person, especially men (sorry to the good guys) who went through the loo entrance to make sure they didn’t take my son with them and oh hell… the mental images and scenarios that went through my head were scary. I don’t know who I was more afraid of in the end… the faceless baddy that was going to grab and molest my son or my mind’s ability to think up all these scary thoughts of what could possibly be done to my son in this sick world. I came to the conclusion that I read far too much newspapers and that I’m in desperate need of one of those mind-erasing jobbies they did in that Eternal Spotless Sunshine of the Mind movie…

Heeeelp… Am I the only sickie/sicko?


24 thoughts on “Sick world = sick me

  1. yaf_admin

    I think a little well-placed paranoia is okay, as long as he can still enjoy himself. Worst for me is when my 11-year-old needs the toilet in a shopping centre. Am left standing helpless outside, shouting ‘Are you okay?’ at what I hope are decorous intervals.

  2. rebeccav

    I have visions of similar scenarios! And how bad is it that at Tristan’s school, no adult is allowed through the Grade 1 gate at home time, ‘because there are sick people out there’.I’m very glad that if we do go out and about (very rarely), at least one of us can take T to the loo. But I am also like a hawk at Spur! Many fights over playing Playstation (at one end of the restaurant) and playing outdoors!So sad that we have to be this way 😦

  3. amadea

    I know exactly what you mean…. in this world today you cannot let them out of your sight for even a second…. my worst fear is that someone will take my daughter in a shopping centre, so when we are out she has to hold my hand the whole time or be in the trolley, she is not allowed to even walk beside me if I’m not touching her somewhere to make sure nobody takes her… it’s terrible… and it’s even worse when she goes to the shops with Ouma…. nobody looks after your child like you do…. it stresses me out completely… good luck… I think it get’s worse the older they get…. but then I am a very, very over protective / obsessed mommy….

  4. Parentpassions

    Yip – this is not easy. We need eyes on weirdos all day everyday. You’re not the only mom freaking about these kind of things…trust me.

  5. nusha

    nope you are definitely not alone! i am terrified that someone will snatch my little munchkin away or do something unspeakable to her … terrified! i do wish we didn’t have to be this way!!! paranoid and scared!

  6. Bossy-bootz

    I’m definitely joining this “sicko” support group then! :)I too conjure up horrible pictures… There are too many sick people roaming this earth… just too many!

  7. ebonyandivory

    No, I am totally paranoid, specially after my friend’s lil girl was molested by an older girl. So no, you are not alone. The other day a man was walking with a young girl in school clothes(but very far from school) and I wondered… could have just been her dad…but I think the worst…

  8. ludditelass

    I’m also paranoid about my children. I like shopping centres that have family toilets so it doesn’t matter if I’m with the boys or my DH.

  9. rochelle.barrish

    OMW – same thing happened to me the other day. A little girl was walking with a man and she was howling. I wanted to go up and ask her who the man was and I stood there weighing up my options and as I decided to wimp out… she called him Papa – well I hope as it was a language I don’t understand but she did say Papa.

  10. rochelle.barrish

    I’m so with you re the overprotective bit and our parents come from an era where kids were much free-er and the world was a safer place. They don’t understand the world we live in and I really struggle to let my son go with them.

  11. rochelle.barrish

    I’ve done that with my brother when he was younger and now with my nephew. Most embarrassing for them, of course!

  12. shazdart

    You are not a sickie/sicko!!! I have nightmares about something dreadful happening to Jess, even now and she is big enough to scream really loudly if she needs to.No one can be considered “safe” until YOU feel safe. Even then if you read the statistics it is a bit of a gamble. We have to let out kids live too, so hard to find that balance. xx

  13. youunlimited

    I sometimes let my imagination run to the horrid and have to catch myself and say, Be vigilant Cam, not paranoid.It is sad though that we have to always consider these types of sicko’s

  14. chanua

    OH man it’s like you’ve been reading my mind. oi! My baby girl is going on a school trip and I’ve been having those images too. I am striving to remain calm and not allow my paranoia free reign. It’s difficult but I strive… πŸ™‚ You not alone πŸ™‚


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