Sweet Thomas’ vocabulary is just so vast. I like to think that he is Mensa quality but I suppose it’s normal for an almost 3-year-old. Thing is . . .  his vocab is way better than some of my colleagues, friends and family.

His sentence construction and the way in which he uses certain fairly complex words is mind-blowingly awesome.

Listening to him at times is such a revelation and insight into what he gets up to at school. Am really proud of my chatterbox and I wish I could just freeze time. These moments are so special and I know it’s going to be gone in a wink.


22 thoughts on “Superchild

  1. rebeccav

    Have to agree – parents develop their child’s vocab – lead by example! Reading to him is also a wonderful way to allow him to learn ‘big’ words! (And I’m sure you read to him often)!Well done to you guys 🙂


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