Monthly Archives: December 2010


Yes boys and girls! At the ripe old age of 2 years and 11 months. We are finally nappy free night and day!

If he falls asleep before his last wee at night we slip a night nappy on but it’s always dry in the morning and the second he wakes up, he’s dashing for the loo.

I really like how our laissez-faire approach to potty training has paid off. He was being trained at school primarily and we followed up at home but did not push him and didn’t make too big a fuss of accidents. We rewarded good potty behaviour and commisserated if there were any accidents.

We also pushed the whole big boy thing. Big Boy bed, big boy clothes, big boy shoes and big boys don’t wear nappies. He is so over being a baby, it worked like a charm.

Yay for us. Now, where is the money I’m supposed to be saving from not buying nappies going? I still don’t see it.

PS: We have a retro style clock that we set for every hour and when the alarm bell rings . . . POTTY TIME! POTTY TIME! POTTY TIME! He drops everything he’s doing and it’s a mad dash for the loo. So sweet.


Mama, you have yucky friends.

What with it being the festive season and all, I find myself going for after work drinks with colleagues more and more which means the boys have to collect me . . .

Inevitably they join a table of rowdy chicks who all want to eat Thomas up and he becomes a shrinking violet of note.

Today he told me that he doesn’t want to come to “your work anymore. Because your friends are yucky. They just want to look at me!”


Day 30 – A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

I love that you’re alive and well.

I love the son you produced.

I love how brainy you are.

I love your wicked sense of humour.

PS: I finally got my BB that I’ve been gallishing for for so long.

PPS: I might have to rethink my choice of school for Thomas as he has expressed an interest in being a carguard. Eek!

PPPS: These 30 days of truth has been very cathartic and all that. Feel like I’ve finally been “debriefed” from this year. I can now move on from it. I promise no more mention of the happenings of this year. 🙂

PPPPS: Glad to hear and see that everyone is mostly well and gearing up (or is that down?) for a nice break.

Day 28 – What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Being pregnant is not an option.

Before heart episode it was ” no more kids for us” — until we change our minds.

Now it’s not negotiable — my cardio will have a cardiac event if I had to be preggers.

As for getting someone pregnant – YIKES! A dodgy heart would be the least of my problems!

Thomas’ solo Christmas tree decoration attempt.

We unpacked the Christmas tree this week and Thomas is big into “I do it” at the moment. So he did.

As the “I do” was happening, I was telling DH that we’d have to redo it afterwards once “I do” has gone to sleep. He then said no why don’t we leave it as is. It’s his tree and it’s not as if Top Billing or Pasella are coming to film the tree. It’s just for us and what a cool memory won’t it be to see what he does to the tree!

I agreed and started working on my heavily OCD nerve. Didn’t take me too long to see his point and override my nerve. I’ve had four days to get over it and live with it and it’s becoming more gorgeous and precious by the day!

He asked Daddy’s help with the lights because they were tangled and thank goodness for that, otherwise the tree would have been completely naked up top.

So our Christmas tree (2 m) has been decorated by Thomas (1 m) and it’s beautifully bottom-heavy.