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“Mama, you didn’t have to fib to me”.

Oh dear.

Big parenting fail.

Thomas needed to go to a dentist yesterday who specialises in kiddy pain-free dentistry. He just has a magic touch and he also has privileges at a hospital which our normal dentist does not have.

We went. Thomas survived it.

I lied to him about where we were going.

He found me out.

And as we were sitting on the couch yesterday afternoon, he said the following.

“Mama, you didn’t have to fib to me. I am a big boy now.”

Not nice to be given a bollocking by your 3yo kid.


“What I think I know about you” challenge

From Sanna’s challenge my 4 bloggers are Cams, Meggle, Durban Diva and Sumanda



Cams : Cape Town 

Meggle: Snoekhoek Cape Town

Durban Diva: Tough one… maybe Durban?

Sumanda: on a plot somewhere near Harties 


Cams : Married 

Meggle: Single

Durban Diva: Divorced and in a solid relationship

Sumanda: Married

3. AGE

Cams : mid 30s

Meggle: early 30s

Durban Diva: early 30s

Sumanda: early 30s 


Cams : Tash 

Meggle: Bubbaloo – know his real name via FB

Durban Diva: Terror, Mooch and Boo

Sumanda: Rivan, Zaan, Tristan en Tione


Cams : dress up parties/ entertaining friends and family

Meggle: Ogling FNM until his ex went psycho (LOL). Seriously? Spending time with her Bubb and making sure his skin is happy.

Durban Diva: Making her bedroom smell like bubblegum 🙂 . Relishing her precious little family and making sure everyone’s happy and taken care of.

Sumanda: too many too mention. Arts & crafts, photography, entertaining her children, fighting prehistoric rats and snakes.


Cams : HR person

Meggle: Office/Admin

Durban Diva: not sure

Sumanda: MOTHER and Website boff

7. ASPIRATIONS – I’m changing this to “SOMETHING I KNOW”

Cams : She is a cancer survivor.

Meggle: She is a warrior princess who has been raising her amazing child on her own.

Durban Diva: She likes ’em young and virile

Sumanda: She can read a 500 page book in one day.


Cams : Tash at junior school 

Meggle: Bubbaloo at playschool

Durban Diva: Terror and Mooch at junior school, Boo at home

Sumanda: Rivan at jnr school, Zaan playing at Jesus’ feet all day, Tristan and Tione at playschool 


Cams : Salads and healthy stuff

Meggle: Whatever she can grab out the fridge and make. Oh and whatever new concoction Tracy made in her bread maker.

Durban Diva: Wholesome family friendly meals.

Sumanda: Alles (like me)


Cams : Always smart casual with blingy, baubly and girly stuff (she’s a magpie)

Meggle: Comfort first, jeans, throw over dresses.

Durban Diva: Very classy. Always impeccable

Sumanda: COmfy clothes. Mommy wear.

How did I do?

Now all of you have to choose 4 more bloggers to play the “what I think I know about you game

Suck up the mommy-guilt or go Amish?

I’m on leave.

I like being on leave because I’m the bestest mom/me/wife I know.

I can cook, clean, bake, make, create, fix and just be fabulous.

I like this me.

I don’t like the tired, haggard, grumpy, meanie person I am when I come home from work.

So I’ve done some thinking.

I’m going to have to either suck up the mommy-guilt or in my case soak it in litres of wine, or go Amish.

My idea of going Amish looks a bit like this.

No DStv, no Telkom, no cellphones, no ADSL, no maid, no pre-school, no extramurals, no parties, no Spur, no Primi, no Wimpy, no Mugg &Bean, no malls, no Naartjie, no Keedo, no Woolies (EEEKKK), no Earthchild, no Animale, no Aquarium, no World of birds, no Clay cafe, no Scratch Patch, no nursery visits, no Treehouse (EEEKKK), no Reggies, no Toys R Us.

But it also means, lots of time with son, building/playing/making/baking/creating/walking/playing in parks. Basically doing what I signed up to do. Have a child and be a PARENT. Not have a child and fob it off on someone else for 10 hours a day.

Hmmm . . . Tough one. And I’m ashamed to admit, a decision that I am not ready to make yet. Will just make the most of our time together.

Storytime reversed.

On Monday eve I reversed the roles and asked Thomas to tell me a bedtime story.

It was very basic and everything we did and said during the day was incorporated into the story but with different characters. He used animals, ‘the man’, a little girl and a little boy. My character was a bear and his character was a crocodile.

So funny to hear and see how his brain knits events together.

Oh and I was told that I am not a little girl. Mama, you are a lady.

Sweet thing.

Tappetville-on-High Seas

Oh my fat hat. I’ve always wanted to do a cruise ship doodabby before I shuffled off. And I’ve been investigating some options for our 5th anni that’s happening this year. Seeing as how I don’t have the sort of money that would pay for one of my ultimate cruises . . . the one doing all the Norwegian fjords or the one doing various tropical islands, I had to keep it local.

Someone I used to work with has just been on the DBN- Barra one. The one I liked most out of the local ones.

She posted a whole lot of pics on FB.

HELL’S BELLS and buckets of blood!

It looked like it could be a gathering in Tappetville stadsaal on any given Saturday.

No thank you. I’m going to have to save up some more for the Norwegian fjord one even if it means I’m walking with a Zimmer by then, I will not put my foot aboard the Tappetville cruises.

Yes, I know Afrikaans.

We were in Kloof street in CT a few weeks back to get pizzas. The pizza place is across the road from Jan van Riebeeck primary. As we were getting out of the car, Thomas caught sight of their wonderful playground.

I told him that his friend’s big boet goes there and that she will probably end up going there as well.

Thomas: “Mama, I also want to come to this school.”

Me: “It’s an Afrikaans school, Beeb. You don’t know Afrikaans.”

Thomas: “Mama, but I do know Afrikaans.”

Me: “You do?”

Thomas: “Yes, I can say banana.”

DH and I stoppped just short of rolling on the pavement, we laughed so much and so hard. People must’ve thought we’re having a breakdown.

“God is busy busy”

Thomas and I are at home today because he has an appointment at the dentist.

We were lolling in bed and ne grabbed his kiddie Bible and asked me to read.

We read about the creation and we went through all seven days. Now the book is quite heavy and we were struggling to hold it up between the two of us.

As we get to the animals on land, in the sea and he air, he says the folllowing.

“Mama, God was busy busy, that’s why this book is so heavy,”

Yes my boy, that is exactly why the book is so heavy.