Yes, I know Afrikaans.

We were in Kloof street in CT a few weeks back to get pizzas. The pizza place is across the road from Jan van Riebeeck primary. As we were getting out of the car, Thomas caught sight of their wonderful playground.

I told him that his friend’s big boet goes there and that she will probably end up going there as well.

Thomas: “Mama, I also want to come to this school.”

Me: “It’s an Afrikaans school, Beeb. You don’t know Afrikaans.”

Thomas: “Mama, but I do know Afrikaans.”

Me: “You do?”

Thomas: “Yes, I can say banana.”

DH and I stoppped just short of rolling on the pavement, we laughed so much and so hard. People must’ve thought we’re having a breakdown.


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