Thomas the fireman.

We took Thomas to our local Fire Station and boy did he love it. He was speechless right through the tour and only started jabbering on the way home. The firemen were so welcoming and loved showing us around. I’m going to go back and do a career’s story on this guy. Fireman De Water. He was just so great with Thomas and he really showed us everything. So accomodating.

Playing with the BIG BIG hose.

“And this is why you need to eat all your food because this backpack is heavy, Thomas.”

How chuffed is he?


18 thoughts on “Thomas the fireman.

  1. shazdart

    I just loved the pics, Thomas looks so chuffed with everything. What a great thing that the Firemen have done for him! xx

  2. bothajs

    How nice! Minki is besotted with helicopters, I sooo want to take her to the helicopter flying school here at Rand Airport (I work right next to them), but they refused!

  3. rochelle.barrish

    Indeedly! Was such a privilege to see the Fire Station from Thomas’ perspective. He was speechless throughout.

  4. youunlimited

    What a special day. We used to do class outings to the fire station and they always made an effort for the kids.Is it my imagination or has Tom grown a head taller recently?

  5. rochelle.barrish

    The firemen were really great. Only problem now is he wants to go there again and again. Going to have to start doing a firestation rotation thingy. Visit a different one every weekend. Oh yes, he has had a growth spurt.


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