Do I get spayed or do I get DH neutered?

Never thought I’d have to ask this question. Just thought I would be on the pill until my ovaries go vrot and there’s no need for the pill.

My healing heart however does not need a pregnancy and therefore we have to now make this decision as the pill is a clot-maker and my healing heart really does not need a clot-maker.

So my thinking is this: I am the one who shouldn’t have kids so I should be spayed, right? Only thing is . . . not sure how healing heart will deal with being put under. Terrified of not waking up again.

So next is to have DH neutered but what if I keel over tomorrow and DH marries someone who wants babies?

Hmmm . . . I don’t like yucky decisions.


26 thoughts on “Do I get spayed or do I get DH neutered?

  1. crey

    Eish! Difficult decision indeed! My Husband is going for a vasectomy in a few months time… I think it can be reversed and the complications are way less than if us women get spayed…

  2. MoederSkip

    That’s a tough one! I can only wish you good luck with the decision, I have no idea what the best option is for you.

  3. Sumanda

    Looking at medical issues only, it’s best if hubby goes for it. Smaller op, less possibility of complications. If you can have eggs harvested, he can also have sperm banked for future use, plus it is possible to do a reversal. All in all, sounds like it’s better for him to do it. What does he think about it?

  4. nusha

    agree with the others! way easier for hubby to do it … and thats without all the added complications of your healing heart!! good luck with the decision … its a biggie!

  5. rochelle.barrish

    He is, I think I should just get over myself and let him do it. Forget about his future children with another woman.

  6. shazdart

    Ok, the vasectomy can be reversed and is a much safer and easier option.I got spayed because I was too old to have more children (my own assessment) and I was already open with a c-section.I would go with the vasectomy. xx Hugs xx for this big decision. xx

  7. rebeccav

    If he’s keen to do it – let him do it! So many guys are against it, and make their wives go for sterilisation / hysterectomy. Everyone I know that had sterilisation, ended up having a hysterectomy a few years down the line. (Personally I don’t see the point of having that monthly curse every month, for no reason). But I wasn’t keen on hormone issues having a hysto. So, hubby offered, and I was only too happy for him to do it. He went in for a gastrocopy and they did the big V at the same time! BONUS! Mind you, he never did go for that follow up test…..EISH! Make sure yours does!

  8. deblet

    Agree with the rest…send Hubbie for snip,it can be reversed if he ever feels the need to have more kids…as long as you are long gone dead and buried..and he would have to ask all of us permission to give Tom a baby brother or sister!

  9. rochelle.barrish

    Hey Cams, he’s good. Felt very sorry for himself the first few days but he’s back to his old self now. Thanks.


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