Monthly Archives: May 2011


I think Thomas (3,5) has reached this stage…

He keeps on looking at our wedding photos and berating me for not marrying him.

This conversation happens everytime he looks at our wedding photo.

Thomas: Mama, did you marry Daddy here?

Me: Yes, my boy.

Thomas: Mama, why didn’t you marry me?

Me: Because you weren’t born yet. I had to marry Daddy so that Daddy could put a seed in my tummy and you grew from that seed.

Thomas: But I’m not a seed anymore. I’m a boy now. You should’ve married me, Mama. (Bottom lip kicks out and hovers very close to the floor.)

Me: But if I get married again, I will definitely marry you my boy. I promise.

Thomas: Ok, Mama. Then am I going to be your husband?

Me: Yes my boy, you will then be my husband.

Thomas: And not Daddy?

Me: No Daddy will also be my husband.

Thomas: Bottom lip kicks out again… Heeeelp.