Damaged goods

My post yesterday (yup, still can’t do the link thing)and my feelings around the incident made me think of something.

Since Thomas was little I always told family and friends not to throw Thomas in to the air. That dangerous game favoured by family members (especially the tipsy ones) at most family gatherings.

I just didn’t want to deal with the consequences of a child damaged by some family member. My child was born perfectly formed and I was extremely grateful for that.

What would someone say to me if they dropped Thomas and damaged him? Oops, sorry? I’ll get you another one?

Or if their child whacked Thomas against the head and damaged his ears/eyes/brain? “Time out for you!”

And knowing now that Thomas is the only child I have and will have, I am especially careful with him. I am sending a perfectly formed and healthy child to school and would like to get the same child back every day. Thank you.

PS: The diplomat got a talking to and his mom made him apologise to Thomas and she apologised too. Said to please let her know if it happens again and she will take care of it. So all’s well in the mini United Nations.


26 thoughts on “Damaged goods

  1. rebeccav

    I used to shoot some horrid looks at people throwing my kids in the air! To me, it was like shaking a baby – weak neck etc. Not to mention the ‘what if’ the child should fall!But I still play the ‘what if’ game. Accidents happen, and I’m always in trouble for being over-protective. With 2 boys, I’m always on my nerves. Glad the little diplomat was spoken to. I hope he behaves himself from now!

  2. rochelle.barrish

    Yup. My fave line is “I made that little body, so I have all the right to want to protect it.”

  3. shazdart

    I know exactly how you feel. I have had to stop myself from wrapping Jess in cotton wool to protect her. I think this is why her fathers reaction to her hurts me so much, I could commit murder at some of the things he has done.So glad the United Nations is back on track. xx hugs xx

  4. Helen_77

    Glad that all inter-continental relations have been restored to peace. Hehe, I’d like to see someone try to through Liam in the air, he does weight 22kgs, I have trouble picking him up, let alone throwing him about, haha.

  5. danile

    All good then. You reacted like any mother should and I’m sure if the situation was reversed the diplomat would have done the same thing. there is this horrible thing I witnessed a few years ago which I still cannot gt out of my head, a week old baby getting the rub down-what the old people referred to as “uitsmeer”. This poor child was held by the feet upside down and shaken like crazy to get rid of teh winds. I wonder if she “survived” that.

  6. rochelle.barrish

    Yikes! I’ve seen that too. A distant relative tried that on Thomas when she visited during bath time. I made sure she knew what to do with her uitsmeer. His grannies did a good enough job of massaging him.

  7. PurpleDiamond

    What on earth??? How can they think that will work? Any person with common sense can think that shaking a baby can be fatal!! What are they thinking??? I will hoist anyone who tries that with Caleb up by their feet and shake the hell out of them!

  8. deblet

    Ah very true even though I have a few to ‘spare’, I too don’t want my kids damaged so am also careful.Glad the near diplomatic incident was avoided

  9. ludditelass

    I don’t know about Thomas but my two boys manage to damage themselves far too much for my liking – they don’t need help from anyone else. They’re always falling and bumping themselves or jumping off things or crashing into things on their motorbikes. Just yesterday K put his tooth through his top lip when he tripped running to greet me. I also stop others from “games” that can hurt my children. Now to get them to stop injuring themselves!

  10. rochelle.barrish

    Hahahaha! When he’s with his cousins things do tend to get wild. But on his own, he’s fine.


    I feel exactly the same as you. I’ve read of many stories of shaken-baby syndrome, and would discourage hubby and anyone else from too roughly with my cub. I didn’t care if people thought I was being over-protective. Now that he’s older, I let them get away with some rough play, but nothing overdone.I will be the same with the next cub.


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