Monthly Archives: October 2011

isiXhosa lessons

I’ve been given the most amazing opportunity to learn to speak isiXhosa.

It’s done by Ubuntu Bridge in Cape Town and they’re a really cool lot of teachers. My company pays and I go two mornings a week and it’s right here at work. So cool.

I am learning so much but even more rad, is that when I do my revision at home, Thomas joins in and at times he does the clicks and other sounds waaaay better than I do!

Kids really are like sponges.


Five years of fun!

On 3 November Elt and I will be celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss.


In many ways it feels like a lifetime — Pregnancy #1 followed by beautiful son followed by two years of bedlam (teething, breastfeeding, and all the sleepless nights) followed by the toddler years and running after Master Barrish followed by a heart condition followed by a scary time followed by pregnancy #2 followed by miscarriage followed by sad time and now we’re out the other end of this wild ride and mostly intact and still together.

And in other ways it feels like just yesterday – it went by so quick. Thomas’s baby years are gone forever. No more babies for us. He’s getting bigger and more mature every day and time really flies.

People who had bigger kids when Thomas was born always told me to savour every minute and how precious your time with your baby is… and one always tends to go “yes, I know” but you really don’t know until you’ve lived it.

I am so selfish with my time nowadays. Have no problem with declining invites and refuse to spend any unnecessary time away from my Thomas and Elton. And the best thing about it? I don’t feel one ounce of guilt about being selfish with my time! So liberating.