isiXhosa lessons

I’ve been given the most amazing opportunity to learn to speak isiXhosa.

It’s done by Ubuntu Bridge in Cape Town and they’re a really cool lot of teachers. My company pays and I go two mornings a week and it’s right here at work. So cool.

I am learning so much but even more rad, is that when I do my revision at home, Thomas joins in and at times he does the clicks and other sounds waaaay better than I do!

Kids really are like sponges.


8 thoughts on “isiXhosa lessons

  1. Nxoks

    Clever Thomas. Even some Xhosa kids struggle with the clicks these days. Mine speaks Xhosa with an English accent, which is so embarrassing when we go to the township.

  2. ludditelass

    That is a wonderful opportunity your work is giving you and good for you to be grasping it with both hands and making it a family affair! Nantso ke!

  3. shazdart

    You lucky fish! I have been trying to learn with Jess but they don’t do the classes often enough at school so it is very slow. I love languages. xx hugs xx


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