Monthly Archives: December 2011

Truth or dare

I popped in meaning to write a post before I get evicted. Saw this challenge and will do this first.

How old are you?


What size shoe do you wear?

Used to be 7 before Big Tom, after Big Tom it is now an 8.

Do you think your bum is big?

I at least have a bum. That I still have feeling in. And most importantly . . . I can wipe it myself. #grateful

Do you think you are a good driver?


Are you any good at Maths?

Heck no. Only enough to know how many more bags and salon treatments I can fit into my salary.

Ever eaten a bug?

Yup, it was a childhood dare.

Do you sing in the car/shower/bath?

All the time. Loudly. Totally out of tune.

When last did you shave/wax/whatever your legs?

I shaved my legs when I went swimming the other dayprep for date night a few months ago.

Do you consider yourself to have “Green Fingers”, in other words can you grow / keep plants.

I think so.

Cellphone – Contract or Prepaid?


Have you finished your Christmas shopping (pressies, not food)?

Nope, looking forward to doing it on Friday!

Team Edward or Team Jacob (from the Twilight Series)

Neither, thanks.