My cervix plug popped!!

My cervix plug popped!!
On this day four years ago, my cervix plug popped and after 42,5 weeks of waiting for Thomas it seemed as if I was finally going to be delivered of ‘Buttercup’ (his in utero name).
After the 42 week mark had come and gone, I was getting pretty gatvol of waiting and I told demanded, asked DH to politely request that friends and family stop calling with “is the baby there yet?”.
I think another reason why I was so gatvol was the vile tea I had to drink. On my midwife’s recommendation I got some cervix ripening tea from my health shop and slukked it with laaaang tande for two weeks before Thomas arrived.
Once the plug popped, I called a friend to tell her and next thing I knew, it was her status update! Hilarious. Never thought I would be so fine with very intimate details of my anatomy being put out there like that.


24 thoughts on “My cervix plug popped!!

  1. ludditelass

    That’s so funny! I didn’t realise he baked for so long. No wonder he’s always been Big Tom! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy! Congratulations!

  2. deids13

    Hello, hello! Missed you around here ;-)Your title had me hella confused for a second. How funny that your cervix was part of someone’s status update!

  3. rochelle.barrish

    Hey Deirds! Yup been busy watching this little man of mine developing a seriously strong personality and butting heads with him — big time! How’s your crew doing?

  4. deids13

    Good thanks, I must do an update. I’m finding things so hectic with 2 that I read everyone else’s posts, comment and then my time is gone. Miss E is back at school now though so hopefully I can squeeze an update in soon.

  5. rochelle.barrish

    Ja, and even then we had to do a C-section and get another doctor to push him down as they couldn’t get to him. 🙂

  6. Helen_77

    At first I was like WTF, I didn’t even know you were expecting, and then I read the rest.Hahaha on your friends status, now there’s a buddy.Gosh, 42 weeks! I was gatvol and glad Liam came at 36 weeks

  7. youunlimited

    Happy birthday Thomas! I would have also been gatvol. Tash was only 4 uncomfortable days overdue but at least I didn’t have to consume any vile tea.

  8. deblet

    Sjoe and I got impatient with a day over due!Happy Birthday to tom…hope to hear many more of your stories as you grow

  9. bothajs

    Well, be glad you’re not an elephant, they stay preggars for 96 weeks (24 months, 2 years!!).Welcome to FOUR, Thomas.


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