My cervix plug popped!!

My cervix plug popped!!
On this day four years ago, my cervix plug popped and after 42,5 weeks of waiting for Thomas it seemed as if I was finally going to be delivered of ‘Buttercup’ (his in utero name).
After the 42 week mark had come and gone, I was getting pretty gatvol of waiting and I told demanded, asked DH to politely request that friends and family stop calling with “is the baby there yet?”.
I think another reason why I was so gatvol was the vile tea I had to drink. On my midwife’s recommendation I got some cervix ripening tea from my health shop and slukked it with laaaang tande for two weeks before Thomas arrived.
Once the plug popped, I called a friend to tell her and next thing I knew, it was her status update! Hilarious. Never thought I would be so fine with very intimate details of my anatomy being put out there like that.


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